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Wazifa TO Get Money In Emergency_By Live Wazifa

If someone needs money in emegency,or facing different kinds of problem related to money,then you can solve your your each and every problem with this tasbeeh.

this is very powerfull and effective wazifa. This wazifa is also used by me ,i also get best result by this wazifa. 


                            TIME OF DOING THIS WAZIFA

Best and effective time for this wazifa is "AFTER PRAY OF ISHA",When you are going to sleep,you can do this wazifa before 5 minute when you go to sleep on the Bed.

                                 HOW TO READ THIS WAZIFA 

Frist you have to read one time drudepak {any one},which you learn already,if you dont know any drudepak then you can read,"sallalahu taala alehe vasallam"

after this you have to read one aayat which is-

                         la ilahaa illal laahu bihakkil vahabul hafiz

        ला इलाहा इल्लल लाहु बिहक्किल वहाबुल हफीज

This aayat you have to read only 313 times ,

this will take almost 10 minutes.

After this you have to read one time drudepak in the end.

only these things you have to read.

this complete wazifa will be finished with in 15 minutes inshallah.

if you will do this wazifa continue 21 days ,then inshallah you will see your each and every problem will get solved.

man and woman both can do this wazifa.

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