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Truth of khan sir//who is khan sir//why has he been trending on social media? //Live Wazifa

 Assalmalaikm my dear friends . I am Azimushan malik and your watching your lovely chennel 'Live Wazifa '. My dear friends, as people you know , the most trendable person on social media nowadays whose name you will know is Khan Sir Patna .we are going to tell you his real truth,real face, real deeds about khan sir. You will read this post till end ,then there is a doubt in your mind , whatever in your mind.there is a misunderstanding, that it will get away with khan sir.


Khan sir's real name is Faizal Khan and he was born in middle-class family in uttar pradesh.As khan sir has said , his father was in an army and his mother is homemaker.he has an elder brother who is a commando in the army.


Because people don't understand his name is khan sir or Amit Singh or his name will be heard a lot , you guys keep khan or singh in the side but sir (a teacher) a big role has in our life , you know that it is only a teacher who show a path in our life.

Now ,here is the main point .we will tell you that the main point is ,If khan sir says to himself that my name is javed khan or jamal khan etc. He is anxious to be against him , he will become against him, so that reports and attack are being reported on the report over khan sir.

If khan sir puts singh in front of his name, then in this environment it will happen that the Muslim community will be against him. Here it is very important to understand why this locality is formed again. This type of certificate is being sought from him ,after all ,why is that person being abused that because of this, he has repeatedly make videos and clarify that I am not like this . If a person sees the entire video of khan sir once, then believe me , the thing that has been mentioned in this video of khan sir, the thing that he is doing, you will not find this anywhere on YouTube, offline or online in any community.

There is no person who has an answer to explain the way of teaching experience,which has reached a big stage today by runnig a small coaching centre in patna , due to which this contravention is starting.we also know quite well that if you are in a field or in a profession , then you cannot do hindu muslim or such thing there and you do not necessarily have to,if you are reaching this post , khan sir ,it is necessary. It is not that you have to give a clarification to someone ,big journalist are going to them,tell the the name certificate and the matter has reached here that the people of khan sir a going and saying that we have come from the NRC ,we have come from or we have come from there, you should show us your original paper , in this way we are getting to see the matter. Khan sir himself has also done this thing ,now there is a man named khan sir who has such potential to provide such High level education, we definitely watch Khan sir's video because there is a video full of knowledge.then people who are following such evil action behind khan sir are telling that khan sir has spoken against muslims, so that matter has become so bad.the request from you people is that you watch the entire video of khan sir, if you watch it , then you will also know that a lot of traitors have come and set on social media, due to which they are famous for there own chennel . becouse of increasing there reputations ,the subscribers are cutting short clips of khan sir in order to earn money due to getting against and due to which they are also being accused of khan sir sometimes in the temple. They are showing there pics, sometimes they are showing  there pics in the mosque , sometime they are speaking ,it is jihadi , sometime they are speaking against the muslims, sometimes they are saying that they are running people , some Hindus people are also following them .that it is jihadi,in this way some people are defaming khan sir

But till now khan sir has not said any such thing that will hurt people. Now opposing pakistan here ,it is okay to oppose the people of Pakistan but it is not just everyone who oppose them inside Pakistan and this khan sir went ahead about the thing, he had also named a committee ,he had said against that committee , he also did not say the whole of pakistan  because there are many such traitors present in india. Talk of India is also very traitors are very naive . people are also people who are bad.khan sir had given an exam on them and hence repricing them would be very bad for us to move forward with the contravention.khan sir has made such a reputations at this time that whatever he is teaching is absolutely right, there is no shortage in it .if you people are also thinking that khan sir is wrong, then take it out of your mind , he is not such a person . Do not watch any videos of khan sir against the original chennel of khan sir, watch his real videos from there, khan GS research centre which is the name of his chennel and khan sir has put all his content there , hope you  understand everything .I  may have come, some people may feel this is bad or if they do not understand , then comment .

We should like to tell you once again that khan sir didn't speak against the palistinians , neither he spoke against the india , nore did he speak against the Muslim or against the hindu.we are using and with his wrong clip , khan sir his being maligned.he is a teacher and nothing is more than a teacher. 

We hope you all have understood and if there is any question ,then definitely comments we will definitely  try to explain it .

Thank you.


for more information see this video 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

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