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We would love to hear from you. We are proud of quick responses to any of your queries. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of question & help. We will definitely revert you, Insha ALLAH. We look forward to serving you with full commitment.LIVE WAZIFA is of the people, by the people, for the people shall serve Ummah till The Day of Judgement!

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LIVE WAZIFA Website has always delivered Islamic ethics & values to Ummah! Feel free to join us. We provide 100% free quality service to every Muslim who hop onto this page. Feel free to seek any sort of help.

We are always keen to aware of frauds prevalent and beware of those who fool the innocents. If anyone is demanding any money on behalf of LIVE WAZIFA Team please contact us immediately to take actions.





If yoadministration queries, feedback & suggestions please fill the below form. We ensure that your queries will be answered within 24 hours. For personal/family problem queries you can comment on this website or contact us at FB messenger links provided below.u have any 

We have our team at different locations in KSA, UK, Netherlands & India (Rajasthan, Bengaluru, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra) on this planet. Just to sync time with wazifa power Followers to respond them in a timely manner. Therefore, we work 24X7 round the clock to serve you. LIVE WAZIFA team members are consistently serving Ummah around the globe.  We have erased the time differences between the zones on this planet.

We would love to shape your ideas in real life. Please feel free to provide your valuable feedback(s) & suggestion(s).

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