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Wazifa for face whitening // wazifa for face hair removal // live wazifa vd

 Assalmalaikm my dear friends. I am Azimushan malik and you are watching your lovely chennel Live Wazifa .

today, this post of ours is special for the face, if any of you people have a rash on their face, the stains are not good, the face is not beautiful, then to enhance the beauty of that face, we will take such a stipend for you. We have come to do this, the beauty of the face will be increased, what we will tell about your stipend is the stench of the water, you have to drink that water with the help of this water, this water scarcity will remove the stains from the face, the face will become beautiful.

If you have wrinkles on your face, black marks and so on, then you will definitely do this practice, it will benefit you a lot. By the command of Allah, your face will start shining like Noor, your face will become rosy, the face will become beautiful, people who run away from you. Were he to ask you what is the secret of this beautiful face, what have you done, what is the medicine you have eaten, please tell me what you have to do, then you have to tell the people what to do.

To enhance the beauty of your face, you must have applied thousands of creams every day and have been upset by eating medicine, but even after that your face is not getting clean, only with this water you can make your face beautiful by sitting at home. With the implementation that we are going to tell you, how and how many days you have to do and what to read, we will tell you in this post.

We start the stipend, first you have to take water in a glass, then you have to read Allahu Nurus Samvate Vall Ard 21 times and you have to read this verse and topper and finally once you have to read Durud Sharif and then after reading it You have to blow on water and drink this water, you have to drink this water once a day, that is, you have to do this practice only once a day and you can do this practice at any time.





Then to blow on water.

After a few days of drinking water, your face will start getting clear, your face will start glowing like light,  you have to drink this water in 3 choke(sip) continuously, you have to do this wazifa for 7 days continuously, after doing this wazifa , your face will glow like light or Noor. It will look like light on your face, if there is anything missing on your face, then you should definitely do this.

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