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What Is Tohfa e Noori_How To Get Tohfa e Noori-complete explaination by Live Wazifa


Do not understand this small topic,you will  hardly Get to see anywhere,no one will have told you about it,read this carefully till end,you will get such information in this will be surprised yourself,this post is very important,read it very carefully.

The name of this post is "Tohfa-e-noori"we are going to tell you about special thing is that the about Tohfa-e-noori .many people have a lot of misunderstanding about Tohfa -e-noori whether you use it or not ,you need to know about it.

Tohfa-e-noori that is, it should be evil eye, Black magic etc is the way to end everything .it is very simple to see ,now we tell you about it in detail.


Tohfa-e-noori Huzur mufti azam hind has written with own hands and Huzur mufti azam is not small person,he is the son of Huzur imam ehmad raza khan .

This Tohfa-e-noori is given by him to his son .so this is called the tohfa-e-noori.there are 21 naksh in this ,there is a cure for every incurable disease except death .

Any kind of work,the work is getting spoiled , there are fights in the house ,for this work ,this thing has been prepared , Tohfa-e-noori are found in small size and some found in large size.

It is pure silver and it is not a minor naksh. Tohfa-e-noori is donated once in a year which is called 4 Rajab and it is the gift of 4 Rajab because that this 4 Rajab is printed .it's price is that if you take is from anywhere you will not get less than 3000rs and you will get it.No one will even tell that it is 4 Rajab and anyone will pick it up and give it to. Which is 4 Rajab Tohfa-e-noori is very much worth it.

It means to say that it is only written on 4 Rajab. if you buy from somewhere else, then actually you give it to anyone, but actually it written on 4rajab. The methods of using it are quite and easy .if someone has any kind of incurable disease,then one should take Tohfa-e-noori and read 11 times durud Sharif and put it in some water and let it remain in the water for at least 15minutes and then remove it and take it in green cloth and red cloth and hand it in your neck and drink that water ill yourself and also drink it in the house members .

If someone cannot wear it around the neck ,then you can keep it in the purse but protect it because it is written on the verses of the Quraan ,so it is very important to obey it.

If there is a fight between husband and wife or fight between monther-in-law and daughter-in-law whosoever is given water,then join the love of it ,if it is taken with them during the journey,then Allah protects us from sudden accidents

Its weight is 12gm and it is pure silver .the original that we giving you is written only once.

If you are taking it for some work so take silver Tohfa-e-noori only. Its effect is very High and results is very good .it is very effective or good for business, if someone's business is not running , keep it in your locker and start the day by looking at it everyday, then you will get success as soon as possible .hope you will have liked this post of ours, you have understood all the advantages of using it for its benefits.

You can order Tohfa-e-noori .

Original Tohfa-e-noori cost is 3000rs .

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Thank you.

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