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Assalmalaikm my dear friends. I am Azimushan malik and hope you are fine.

Today's our post is about snakes that why they always appear in dreams, after all what is the truth of this dream, let us know in this post of ours.


Snakes are a very specialised group of Reptiles under order Ophidia. Nearly 3,000 species of

 snakes are now found in the tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world. Out of these about 300

 are Poisonous and others are Non-Poisonous. WHO has estimated that thirty to forty thousand

 people die annually of snake bite. Snakes are not found in New Zealand and Ireland.

Snakes are slender and elongated reptiles without limbs, eyelids and external ears. The whole

 body is covered with epidermal scales and shields. The scales and small and usually overlap each

 other but the shields are large and join each other by their margins. Shields are prominent on

 the head. The occipital condyle is single and tripar­tite.


Today we have brought a very special topic for you.

 Why do snakes appear inside the dream? If you also see snakes inside your dream, then what is

 the reason behind this, to know the truth behind it, we have read many books after taking too

 much time. After reading this, we have brought this special information for you people. If you

 search this thing anywhere on YouTube, then you will get thousands of video and post  there, but

 in all of them there is no good thing but it is scary. People are told their own ways by looking at

 their own books, but you will understand this thing that many BiG Alamas have passed through

 their book, today we are going to tell you and understand it.


If the snake is visible to you then what does it mean, what is the reason, what is the real thing,

 what is its reality, what does it look like, then you people have to understand this thing very well

 and till the end we have to understand a lot. We have extracted all the information that we are

 going to tell you.

We tell you why snakes appear in the dream, the simple way of seeing in the dream of a snake is

 that someone is your enemy, the real thing is that someone is your enemy and therefore you see a

 snake in the dream and that The enemy keeps enmity with you, now there are different of snake

 sighting in the dream, we will tell you different parts.

DIFFERENT Forms Of Seeing a Snake In A Dream.

1)First , if you have seen the snake in your house, then it means that the enemy is also a person of

 your house, but if you have come this dream only once, then do not think that there is an enemy

 in the house if you .The dream comes again and again, this dream repeats in someone's life, the

 same thing has been seen for many nights, only then it is to understand that there is someone

 that is your enemy at home.

2)The second thing to understand is that if you have seen the snake outside somewhere, it means

 that you have seen the snake in the forest or on a road or in a street or anywhere but have seen

 outside from home, then understand that the enemy .There is an enemy from outside, but it is

 from outside.

3) now understand the third thing is that you have seen that you have fought with a snake in your

 dream, if you have dreamed that you have fought with a snake, then it means It is likely that

 there is an enemy and the enemy is going to quarrel with you. There is a possibility of fighting

 with the enemy if you have fought with a snake in your dream.

4)It is understand this carefully that if you have dreamed that the battle is going on and the snake

 has fallen on you and you have become weak and the snake is strong, then you understand that

 the enemy is yours and the enemy is on you Saying that can mean a lot is that your enemy is

 strong and he can attack you.

5) Now understand the fifth thing, you have to understand it very carefully, you have seen that

 the snake has bitten you, then you understand that somewhere you are going to be harmed by

 the enemy, he can harm you.

6)If you only see in the dream that you have killed the snake, then it will mean that the enemy

 will be harmed.

7) It is very important to understand , if you are looking at the dream that the snake has been

 bitten or you are eating the flesh of the snake inside the dream, then it is important to

 understand what is the enemy's property or the property of the enemy that you have got

 together. It is expected that you will get the property of the enemy; Allah can get it better from

 anywhere, but in any way you will get the property of the enemy. 8)If you have dreamed that the

 snake has broken into two separate pieces, then understand here that you will get justice from

 the enemy.

9)If you have seen in the dream that you have seen a dead snake inside the dream, then it will be

 a matter of great comfort for you, it means that no matter what the problem may be, it will

 remain away from you. 

10)You have seen that the snake is agreeing to you inside the dream and is following you, then

 now understand this, you will get an honor or a high status or a good post .

11)if you have seen in the dream that the snake is from the sleeve If you are coming out of the fall

 then a snake is seen coming out from such a place, then you will understand that your son will be

 enmity with you, in the coming time your son will become your enemy.

12)If you have seen a white snake in your dream, then understand that the enemy who is tough

 means the enemy is strong and you are weak, then you have to be careful with the enemy.

13)if you have seen that there is a green snake and he is with you. If you are doing this, it simply

 means that you have the chance of getting treasure, wealth.

14) if you have killed a snake in your bed in the dream, then if the dream is looking and he is

 married, then the chances of his wife's death.

15) If you have seen that the snake gets out of its mouth and enters the shirt's corler, then it will

 be here that the person who is watching the dream is likely to have a situation.

16)The last thing is very important if you see in the dream that you are running after the snake

 and the snake is running away from you, you are trying to catch it but the snake is running away

 from you, then understand this That the person who is seeing this dream should understand that

 whoever is your enemy, the enemy who is, is very weak, not strong.

There are a few selected amulets that we have told you and believe it is the things told from the

 book of an Alamas. 

We hope that you have understood all the things very well, if no one has understood anything Or

 if anyone has any question, please tell me in the comments.

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