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 Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Today this post of ours is very special and very interesting. In this post, we have told you a very short and very powerful stipend. Which will solve all your problems. You guys must read this article and take advantage of it.

We all face problems in day to day life and wish that we could live a life which is free from the stress of such problems. We wake up every day and realize how much life we have spent just fighting and wishing that these problems go away. Every day is a new challenge. But fear no more! Today we will share with you a very powerful dua for all problems to go away that will eliminate all the problems and stress from your life.

This practice is so powerful that if you do it at night, then in the morning your wishes will be fulfilled, it has so much power in itself that from the very next day, all your wishes will start coming true, no matter what troubles you have and there is a loss in your heart. Your wish will start coming true.

 this wazifa is very small but its fazilat is very big. As diseases settle in many people's homes, many people are sick all the time, for love problems, for quarrels between husband wife, for wealth, for lack of money. For this you can do this wazifa.

With this stipend, you can remove all the problems of your home, as soon as you do this practice and you will see that after a few days your problems are ending from your house and your heart will be very happy, your home will be filled with happiness.

This is such a dua which should be recited in the evening and when the dua is recited, after reciting the dua, that is, after doing this practice, whatever dua is asked, whatever you keep your presence in front of Allah and you do this practice. Believe me, Insha Allah, by the end of the morning, your prayer will be accepted, in the morning you will get the good news, that is, you read this practice in the evening and in the morning the Hajat will be completed, the next day you will definitely see a change,

And when your prayer will be accepted, you will also be sure that such a successful wazifa is such a successful practice, you just try it and see it when you sit on the bed, do this practice before sleeping and after reading this practice you will Allah Try praying for this purpose of yours, whatever you want and make this practice a minor part of your life, whatever you can, after doing this all your wishes will be fulfilled, whatever your wish is, every one The wish will come true.

Allah Tabarak wa Tala will fulfill your every wish, if you do this practice by staying on the right, that means you do this without hurting anyone without hurting anyone, you have not cheated anyone, you have never done these things in life. By staying away from everything, you are doing this practice by staying on the right, like reading Namaz, doing good deeds, doing good deeds, believe that Allah Tabarak and Tala will make you come to everything, you must try this practice in one night, definitely do it one night. take a look,

You can ask anything from Allah, after doing this, whatever is your wish, whatever is your purpose, but your purpose should be justified, if there is no illegitimate motive, then Allah will fulfill your every wish, whatever is your legitimate wish. . 

Now let's know the way to do the practice and have done it, they know that you have to do it, first of all, you have to read Durood Sharif three times in the beginning, whatever Durood Sharif you will remember, after that you have 2 read name  of Allah Tabarak wa Tala. wearing  ya mujibo and ya wahabo have to read these two names together ya mujibu ya wahabo in this way you have to read these names 100 times and after reading these names Then you have to read the same Durood Sharif which you read in the beginning, after completing this practice, you have to pray to Allah for your purpose, whatever purpose you want to fulfill, you have any purpose Insha Allah bless you with this successful implementation. With that, your purpose will be fulfilled, you will definitely get success, do this practice continuously, do it daily, do this practice for as many Hajat as you want, you can do this practice every day for different Hajaats and Insha Allah you will be rewarded every day. There will definitely be success in a purpose.





Benefits of ya mujibo.

Allah listen the prayers of his creature and fulfills them that's why he is called mujeeb because he answers everyone Allah is mujeeb that he listen the prayer of sorrow people and try to remove their sorrows and when any person who is worried call him for help Allah help him and fulfill the wishes of everyone and listen the both who are his  followers are who are not. so first call him ya mujeebu then pray the dua, he will surely fulfill it  .

Benefits Of ya wahabo

The  meaning of ya Wahab is to give without any return  to give money and things without any return. without any question who give is called Wahab .Allah is Wahab he gives to his creature in a way that cannot be explained .except Allah there is no one who gives without any return. so the person who called Allah with his name ya wahabu .Allah give him a lot he lot . He got what he wants.

So today this is our very powerfull and very small stipend, we hope that you guys have understood everything very well, so if you people have any question or any doubt, then you can tell us by commenting. You can ask.

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