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Six things that can make you poor//Human become poor// Live Wazifa

Assalmalaikm my dear friends. I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Today we are going to tell you 6 such things that if a person does these things, then it can make the poor from the rich, those 6 things we are going to tell you that brings a person to poverty, no matter how much anyone has Money is there but if he is doing any one of these 6 things, then after a few days he sees that the person will also be poor, if you are earning good money, but if you are doing any of these things then you are instead of rich This post will reach the poverty side, you will definitely have till the end today, we will tell you 6 important things. 

1)First thing is whenever you sit down to eat food, whether it is at home or in a wedding, or anywhere in someone's party, when you are having dinner. So you people don't leave food in the plate, if the food has survived then don't leave it.The food is left in the plate and you leave that food and go away. Take the food as much as you can eat because there is such a huge amount of food that you can not think, now you have left the food and sat down and washed your hands. You are free but you cannot even imagine when the mercy of Allah has gone away from you, this thing will bring you to poverty, then take food as much as you can eat, wherever you are, please understand this thing well. Take as much food as you can.

2)The second thing is that when you enter the house or enter an office, you will see from the world that the slippers are not scattered around the shoes or if the sandal is not alternate, if so, then immediately make it straight. If you do not leave a shoe on top of it or on top of the shoe, then immediately fix it, these things bring poverty. These are the things that should be avoided from these things, take care of these things and will explain this to your family and children also.

3) The third thing is, read it very carefully when women in the house heat the milk when the milk is heated in your house, it often happens that the milk that comes out of the pot comes out during boiling.

This is why women get involved in talk, sometimes they get out of the kitchen and do not stay in the body if it happens in someone's house, the milk is deliberately taken out, that it has become involved in the talk itself and while boiling the milk in the kitchen It has gone out, though it happens once or twice because of forgetting, but if it is happening continuously, then it will be understood that money will not stop in your home as well.

4)The fourth thing is that if there is a dog in someone's house, then the angels of Allah’s mercy do not come in his house. It is a big thing when dogs are kept inside the house, they are fed or they are fed in the dock. Food is fed in utensils in which they eat themselves, and if they feed themselves in that house, there is no mercy of Allah inside that house. Take special care of these things. Stay away from these things.

5)The fifth thing is that if the washroom or toilet or bathroom of your house must be cleaned every other day, the house inside which the washroom or bathroom is dirty does not deteriorate in the house, the dirt will get spoiled in the house where it will be. No matter how much a millionaire man is in that house, keep your house clean of these things, take special care of these things .

6) the last thing is to avoid getting up in the morning in the house. If a fight starts, or does not talk to anyone, or the women in the house get into a fight with each other, if such matters arise in the morning, then you should explain to people and avoid these things in your home too.If the beginning of the day starts in the morning with a fight, then the whole day will be bad and Khero Barkat will go from inside the house and believe that in a house where there is abuse or fighting, the angels will not bring their livelihood and also in your house.

If this is the case, then understand these things very well. Children from fighting fights and these six things are very important which you should take care of in your house and should also advise them to your family.

Hopefully you have understood these 6 things well, if you have any question, please comment.

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