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Wazifa to get back lost and stolen things// how to find lost things // live wazifa.

Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Today this post of ours is very special and very interesting. In this post, we have told you a very short and very powerful taweez . Which will solve all your problems . By doing which you can find your lost and stolen item back.

You guys must read this post and take advantage of it.

Rules to follow while reading wazifa .

Wazifa to grasp the hand of the Prophet gives you access to the information of Ghayab or the unknown that the Allah gave to the Prophet. As a result, you become one with the Allah without committing Kufr or Shirk.

There are some rules to follow while reading wazifa .

1.The wordings of the wazifa must be read with correct pronunciations. There is no scope for error.

2.The reason for uttering the wazifa must be sharia compliant and correct.

3.The wazifa would only work if you engage in salah 5 times without fail.

4.The time and place to read the wazifa must not change. In case of an emergency which requires you to go to another place it is imperative that you take your prayer mat with you.

5.The attire of both men and women should be according to Islamic traditions when reciting the wazifa.

6.Talking and even gestures are forbidden during wazifa. There should be no distractions at all. You need to be alone in the room.

7.Shaving is forbidden for men during the duration of wazifa because shaving violates sunnah of the Prophet.

8.You should wear non-alcoholic perfume or ittar during the duration of wazifa.

9.You should refrain from lying or backbiting during the duration of Wazifa.

10.Prior to starting the wazifa on every occasion you need to seek Allah’s forgiveness by doing DO A 2 RAKAT TOBAH SALAH and DO A TOBAH.

11.If the wazifa is read beside the grave of a Prophet, Sahabi, Shaheed, Aulia or a Salih then it would work like a magic.

12.The wazifa should not be terminated midway and must be continued even if it does not work within a stated time period. The wazifa must be read till the time you get what you seek from the Allah.

13.Two kinds of wazifas for two different hajats should never be attempted because this will not allow any wazifa to work. Two persons also cannot do wazifa for the same hajat.

14.Your income should not be haram. The wazifa would only work if your income is halal.

15.Wazifa performed for any other person who does not do 5 times salah would not be accepted by the Allah.

Wazifa to get lost or stolen things .

Today we have come up with such a stipend. For you people who can bring back your lost or stolen thing. you will get that thing back. If any of your things are lost, you keep forgetting. lose and you can't find it. Do not remember that thing or that, where do you keep it or else your thing may get stolen. That thing can be from ₹ 1 to any price. That thing can be any thing, any of your things are lost or stolen or you forget to keep and you want that little thing that important thing should come to you, And you want that you can get it again.

so in today's post, you are being told such a practice, if you do this practice and pray to Allah, then believe that Allah Tabarak wa Tala will bless your prayers. Will definitely listen, that thing will definitely come to you, you will get that if you understand this implementation completely and follow the implementation, today you are going to present a very successful implementation in front of people If you have this problem, you will try this practice and you will definitely get that thing.

Method of  wazifa  .

There are two ways to implement this.

 First, if any of your things are lost or something you have forgotten to keep, and secondly if any of your things have been stolen, you can do this from the person who picked it up. 

So we go towards the first method, the first way, if you have lost or forgotten something, then the way to do this is when you sit to do this practice, then you have to read Durood-e-Pak 11 times in the beginning. Whatever Durood you remember you can read and before implementation you have to take a plane paper and a marker, anyway when you read Durud Sharif So after that you have to read Bismillah and you have to write  isme Mubarak in it on all four corners of that paper.

 Now you can write in any language English, Urdu, Hindi in any language you have to write AL HAK  on the first corner, you have to write in the same way  on the second corner. You have to write Al HAK, in the same way you have to write on the third corner, Al HAK, you have to write in the same way on the fourth corner. When you will write this, you have to do that, you do not have to talk to anyone while executing and you have to keep your position towards Kaaba Sharif.

 After writing you have to stand. Then what you have to do is that you have straight hands I have to take that written paper, keep the paper written on the hand and keep the palm of the other hand in the same way empty first and your arms should not touch the body and you have to close your eyes. And you have to turn your face towards the sky and then you have to pray with full faith.

And when you ask for a prayer, your wazifa will be complete and you have to keep that taweez somewhere in a safe place so that it does not get dishonored, you have done it at the same time when you have forgotten to keep something, you do not remember. Do it at any time of the day and you don't have to talk to anyone while implementing it. You have to keep this fixed in your heart and mind that, by the blessings of this practice, may Allah lead me to that thing which I have lost. In this way you have to keep that thing in mind.

Now the second thing is that if your thing is stolen, then the way to do this practice is bean, you just have to do it in the morning and if your thing is stolen then the effect of this practice will be on the thief's heart. Your own things will start being made by rolling them. This is a very successful and tried-and-tested stipend, you must try this practice. 





your problems will go away, you will get your lost and stolen things back,  you will get benefit very soon .

You guys, this was two special things about how to find  lost or stolen things  .

 we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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