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Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Today this post of ours is very special and very interesting. In this post, we have told you a very short and very powerful wazifa, Which will solve all your problems. You guys must read this article and take advantage of it.

This Wazifa for problems is an Islamic wazifa for the solution of all problems in your life. They work like magic to solve every problem. You just have to recite it to get rid of all the worries. Recite the dua given below to remove all the obstacles from your life:

If you are facing problems in the job, business, or career, reading the Wazifa for problems will be very beneficial for you. It will solve all the problems related to your job and business and will ensure success. Sometimes we get demotivated after making a lot of efforts that do not yield the results we desire. Reading the wazifa for problems will instill hope and courage in you and will help you to get rid of all the problems in your life.

This wazifa for the solution of all problems has immense powers to eliminate obstacles from your life. Perform this wazifa for problems 21 times daily with your obligatory prayer and Inshallah you will see that your life has become easier. This is the magic of wazifa for difficulties. A lot of people who have used this wazifa have reported very effective results. You can also contact our molvi Saab for any information regarding the wazifa for problems.

Allah has immense powers to make impossible things possible and we do not doubt that as we have seen it for ourselves that whenever we needed him, he was always there  .

Ya Rafiu The Uplifter,  The Exalter

The One whose wisdom chooses the ones to be uplifted.

The One who uplifts and elevates mankind above petty desires and selfishness.

The One who makes it possible to rise above the differences and distinctions that divide mankind.

 Fazilat of  ya rafiu

to raise or elevate something

to uplift, to take it up

to make high, lofty

to exalt, make honorable, make eminent

to bring a thing near

The name Rāfiu’ is  used as a Beautiful Name in the Qur’ān.

Rāfi’ (uplifter) .

The names  Rāfiu’ is often used  to acknowledge the way that balance and harmony are established and maintained though the interplay of cause and effect.

Mu’izz (honorer) is similar to, but much more more intensive and glorious than, Rāfi’ (uplifter).

The phrase al Khāfid ur Rāfi’ is often used to honor these complimentary attributes. 

(Also written as al-rafi, ar-rafi, al-raafi, ar-raafi, the Uplifter: ya rafi ,ya raafi)

He is Allah, Owner of High Ranks and Degrees, the Owner of the Throne.  He sends the revelation by His Command to any of His slaves He wills, that he may warn of the Day of Mutual Meeting.  

This name is an attribute of Allah which means the Sublime.  Allah is above any rank or degree which we can imagine.

He who repeats this name 21 times, day and night, Allah will elevate him higher as far as honor, richness and merit are concerned.

Al-Khafid Al-Rafi’ is the One who abases everyone who is haughty and mighty, and goes beyond the limits of Allah’s law, and is in rebellion.  He is the One Who raises His believing slaves through acts of obedience; He is the One Who raises the heavens and the clouds.  So have humility, and do not be arrogant.  Raise what Allah has raised by following His commands, and abase what Allah has abased by following His prohibitions.

 Wazifa . 

We are going to tell you today Wazifa, this wazifa is a very small  , it has a very big advantage, as we have told you, its biggest problem is also that if the person who reads it will come out after reading it, then it will help. The person will be protected and his business will be protected, his business will be blessed, he will always get success in life, whatever work he sits or puts in his hand, he will get success, but you will not keep any wish in mind, any motive will keep you in your heart. Do not keep it because it is such a name that by reading this every wish of yours will be fulfilled, all you need is to wake up in the morning and read this name 21 times.

If you keep reciting this name every morning, then your life will become very easy. All the troubles will go away from you and prevents the troubles from coming on you. The spoiled works of that person, which are not being done, become all that every wish of that person is fulfilled, of the person who does this.

As a result of implementation, every wish of that person will be fulfilled, every problem will go away and the life of that person will become very easy, day by day, one person will see that he is getting rid of all his troubles. It is getting away and happiness is coming in his life, then you will definitely do this wazifa and when you do this practice, 

Let us know the way to do this lovely practice, first of all you have to read Durood Sharif one time and after that you have to read the very blessed name of Allah Tabarak wa Taala or have to read ya Rafiu or after reading ya Rafiu you again have to read the same Durood e. Pak has to be read once which you had in the beginning.





then after doing this wazifa,you have to blow on hand, and you have to press your hands on your face .

Friends, we hope that you guys must have liked our implementation very much and everything must have been understood very well, if you have any question or any doubt, then you can also tell us in the comment.

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