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Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Friends, this post of is very special for you and very interesting, in this post, we have told you how to do this tikhara and on which day we can do this tikhara, at what time we can do it very well in this post. You have been explained how you will get success in what work and in what purpose you can achieve success and for what purpose otherwise, you must read this post till the end and you will get benefit from it.

Why we do istekara ?

Salat al-Istikhaara , which translates to Prayer of Seeking Counsel, is a prayer recited by Muslims who are in need of guidance from God Almighty (Allah) when facing a decision in their life. 

Benefits of istekara. .

1. More often, there comes a time in our lives when we need help from someone and that particular someone who is expert and gives us best option. Being a Muslim we have str ong belief that ALLAH knows everything. Istikhara prayer is a very simple prayer of seek ing guidance or direction from ALLAH (SWT) in all matters. This prayer is an extremely important and it was a sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW ). The term ‘Istikhara’ generally means to look for ALLAH’s support and supervision befo re making any decision. You can do istikhara online for marriage, admission and whe n starting a business or everything. Benefits of Istikhara: 1. We can seek guidance from ALLAH (SWT) in all matters of life by just performing Istikhara prayer. Istikhara is not limited; you can do istikhara online for marriage, taking admission in the university. Also for change career or every decision of your daily life. 

2. No one is able to predict future but ALLAH Almighty knows everything. When we do istikhara – ALLAH (SWT) guide us right path and direction.

 3. Sometimes we love things but they’re not good for us and sometimes we hate things and they are good. We are just unable to know and seeking guidance from ALLAH (SWT) helps us to do right things. The biggest benefits of Istikhara is we are moving in right direction.

 4. So if a Muslim is certain about decision then he/she should perform Istikhara prayer. If this matter was good for him then ALLAH Almighty will make it easy for him and bless in that. But if it is not good then ALLAH Almighty turns it away and makes easy for him in which there is good. 

5. It is clear one can clear himself from all harms of world pleasures by performing Istikhara prayer. The person will get right path and direction from ALLAH Almighty. Istikhara also brings us closest to ALLAH Almighty.

Timing of istekara  days wise.

You have to take great care of the time in this, you do not have to do this istikhara at any time, there is a fixed time to do it, you can do it on any day but the time is fixed, you have to do it at the same time, now you assume it to be done on Saturday,

 So its time will be that you can do this before sunrise in the morning till 10:00 am, during this time you will have to do it, suppose you do it on Sunday, then its time will be what is there in it. It is from the sunrise to 1:00 in the morning and the second time it will be from this asar to the Maghrib.

If you do it on Monday, then the timing of that day will be the first time from morning till sunrise and the second time is from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

 on tuesday if you accept it on tuesday If you do the day, then it will be the time, the first time will be from 10:00 to 1:00 pm and the second time will be from Asar to the time of Isha .

on Wednesday, if you do this on the day of wednesday, then its The time is that you can do this from the time of sunrise till the time of zohar and the second time from the time of Asr to the time of Isha.

If you want to do this  on the thursday, then its time will be that from the time of saadiq till the sun rises and second time will be that from zohar to till isha.

  if you want to do this  on Friday If so, then its time will be from the time of sadiq till the sun rises in the morning and the second time it will be from 12:30 till the time of  asar, so it is fixed all the time, every day that you ever resort to this, according to these times and days .

how to do istekara?

Let us know the way to do istikhara, you have to do it only for one purpose, whatever the purpose may be for any work but the work should be the one and your purpose is to keep your heart in mind and start istikhara  when If you sit down to do istekhare, first of all you have to read Durood Sharif once, you have to hold Tasbeeh from the top side, in this way you have to hold Tasbeeh from both the center side and then read Bismillahirrahmanir Rahim and after that you have to read Surah Ikhlas and you have to read it looking at Tasbeeh and looking at Tasbeeh you have to read Surah Ikhlas 21 times and,

And after reciting Surah Ikhlas, you have to suffocate the whole Tasbeeh once and then leave the Tasbeeh from one side and then the Tasbeeh will continue to hang and the Tasbeeh which is hanging like this, now you have pulled the grain of the Tasbeeh with your right hand.

 You also have to catch it randomly, you have to hold it with the right hand, suppose you have caught any grain, then first you have to read' Bismillahi' on it, then you have to read from that grain upwards towards the head, you will have to read' khairihi' on the second grain. Will have to read 'washarrihi; on the third grain,

Similarly, you have to read on the next grain, then you have to read on the next grain, then on the next grain, then you have to repeat the blessings on the next grain. Is ;Bismillahi'  'khairihi' and 'washarrihi'. 

 Now how do you have to know whether that work is right for you or not for which you have done this Istikhara, suppose someone's Tasbeeh is ending only on Bismillahi, someone's Tasbeeh ends on khairihi And someone's tasbeeh and washarrihi is ending.

If someone's Tasbeeh has ended on Bismillahhi, regardless of the motive of that person, then that person should understand that the tasbeeh ending on Bismillahi will mean that the work for which that person has done it right for you, you can do that job.

If a person's Tasbeeh is ending on Khairihi, whatever the purpose of that person, then it will mean that he understands that the purpose is absolutely right and that person will get success in that work in future, then it is from Allah. It is a sign that that person can start this work right away, don't delay, started this work right away because for him there is success in this work.

If a person's tasbeeh ends on a washarrihi, no matter what the purpose of that person may be, then it will mean that that person can be deceived in this work, that person understands that he will move forward in the purpose. In this, that person will be cheated or will get success,  this work is not right for that person then he can stop this work.

Friends, this is the way to do Istikhara, at the time of doing istekhara, 

we hope that you people must have liked this post very much, if you people have any question or any doubt, then you can ask us in the comment.

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