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Treatment for facial wrinkles \\permanent solution for wrinkles\\live wazifa

Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Today in this post we are going to tell you about wrinkle problem.  And we bring you a guaranteed permanent home remedy. 

Facts on Wrinkles and Their Causes.

Wrinkles are normally found in healthy skin. Wrinkles are furrows, crinkles, or creases in the skin that often result from the skin's loss of firmness and elasticity over time. Even newborn babies, however, have wrinkles in the areas of the joints where flexion and contraction tend to occur in the womb.

In the elderly, the skin in sun-protected areas is likely to have normal wrinkles that have deepened over time.

Wrinkles do not resolve spontaneously except under very unusual circumstances, such as infiltration of abnormal cells or other substances into the skin as part of a systemic disease process.

Wrinkles also tend to occur in areas of muscle contraction. For example, the frontalis, corrugator, and orbicularis oculi muscles of the upper face are intimately connected to the superficial fascia and characteristically produce permanent horizontal furrows on the forehead and vertical skin wrinkles between and around the eyes.

This type of wrinkling has been labeled intrinsic aging.

Extrinsic aging is associated with the exposure to environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation (sun or tanning booth exposure) and firsthand cigarette smoke. This type of wrinkling is confined to sun-exposed areas and appears as diffuse fine, shallow lines. Microscopic examination of the skin involved in extrinsic aging shows tinctorial (stained) and structural changes in the normal collagen called elastotic degeneration (degenerative change in the elastic tissue).

The predisposition to this sort of change is in some way related to genetic predisposition. Certain ethnic groups, the Scottish, Irish, and English people, for example, seem to be much more susceptible than those darkly pigmented ethnic groups.

There is a special type of wrinkling popularly known as "cellulite." This is most common in women but may also be present in some men. Cellulite is often associated with obesity. It typically appears in the hips or buttocks. Affected skin appears to have an "orange peel" appearance. Cellulite is related to fat tissue that herniates into the lower deep layer of the skin (dermis).

When to Seek Medical Care for Wrinkles.

Since wrinkling does not seem to affect one's general health, the decision of when to visit a physician depends on one's economic situation and one's personal feelings. A reasonable alternative to fixing this external problem is to work on the reason for considering the need in the first place.

What is Collagen for Wrinkles?

Certain vitamin A analogues have been shown to induce the remodeling of the upper dermis by inducing fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen when applied topically over a long period of time. Of these "retinoids," tretinoin (Retin-A, Renova, Atralin, Retin A Micro, Avita) is easily available and has been shown to produce subtle but discernable changes in the appearance of fine wrinkles induced by ultraviolet exposure. This outward transformation is accompanied by an alteration in the microscopic appearance of the upper dermis. Topical retinoid use needs to be accompanied by the compulsive avoidance of sun exposure to be most effective. Tretinoin or tazarotene use is associated with a side effect termed retinoid dermatitis, the so-called rosy glow, which in many patients seems to be cosmetically desirable. Tretinoin or tazarotene (Avage, Tazorac) is available as a number of different brands which are prescription only.

There are a variety of invasive procedures that can change the appearance of collagen in the dermis which hopefully result in a global cosmetic improvement to the treated skin. These include the use of lasers, dermabrasion, and chemical peeling. As a group, these technologies damage the dermis just enough to induce the scar-forming cells (fibroblasts) to reconfigure the photo-damaged collagen sufficiently to reduce fine wrinkling and yet produce no unsightly scarring. This is a fine line which only those health care professionals with sufficient expertise dare tread. No matter who performs such a procedure, the prudent patient ought to seek to confirm the accuracy of any claims with a number of previous patients.

Recently, low-power radio frequency (Polaris WR and Thermage) and ultrasound devices (Ulthera System) have been touted as potentially useful in reducing fine wrinkling. These devices presumably work by producing heating of the collagen sufficiently so there is protein denaturation and shrinking. This so-called "skin tightening" seems to produce some cosmetic benefit. If heating of collagen is a necessary requirement, special care should be taken to ensure no burn injuries occur. The efficacy and safety of these devices remains to be demonstrated.

Microdermabrasion is a technique in which air propels sand particles at the skin. The result is a transient diminution in the degree of fine wrinkling. This technology will not produce significant damage to the skin so that collagen remodeling is unlikely. It seems reasonably safe and may work by producing mild temporary swelling (edema) in the treated skin. This procedure must be repeated at regular and frequent interval to maintain improvement.

Surgery for Wrinkles and Side Effects

The removal of excess, loose skin by surgical means was the original technique used to remove wrinkles. This procedure is generally performed in an operating room under general anesthesia. The result when performed by a master can be quite impressive.

Cellulite treatment is a special problem which is as yet unsolved. Liposuction, which removes subcutaneous fat, does not seem to be the perfect modality to approach fat deposition of fat in the lower dermis, the presumed cause of cellulite. Certain chemicals which lyse fat cells could be deposited in the appropriate anatomical site to diminish cellulite. As yet, this technology is not perfected.

How to Prevent Wrinkles.

There is very little that can be done to affect intrinsic wrinkling other than attempting to limit normal muscular movement, a suggestion that is obviously ludicrous. One has to accept one's genetic inheritance.

On the other hand, extrinsic aging can be controlled to a great extent by limiting exposure to ultraviolet light and by not smoking. When the skin darkens in response to exposure to light, this is a sign that damage has occurred to the collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. This damage is cumulative so it is never too late to change one's behavior. The major wavelengths of light responsible for this damage are in the ultraviolet range and have been labeled "A" and "B." Sunlight is the major source of this type of radiation, but tanning parlors have light bulbs that produce wavelengths in this range. Ultimately, there is no such thing as a safe tan! Sunlight avoidance by wearing appropriate clothing, staying in the shade, and wearing a durable, effective sunscreen over exposed areas is a good strategy. Any health benefit produced by the synthesis of vitamin D by skin is overshadowed by the negative aspects of ultraviolet light exposure. Vitamin D requirements can be satisfied by taking almost any commercially available multivitamin (1,000 IU/day). Since the longer wavelengths of ultraviolet light can penetrate window glass, it might be reasonable for especially compulsive individuals to coat suitable windows with a transparent plastic film that absorbs those wavelengths.

How to get rid wrinkles by home remedies.

So we have brought such a recipe for you. After doing this, the wrinkles on your face will end completely. It happens to many people that before the age of time, wrinkles start appearing on their face. So this recipe is very special for those people, and anyone can do this recipe.

1. Now let's start today's home remedies, so friends, the first recipe is that the first thing is that you have to take almond oil and take that original oil and use it. You have to apply this oil on your finger. But you have to take a little, and apply it under your eyes. You can use it at any time under your wrinkles. Wrinkles on your face will not start with this oil.

2.The second thing is that you guys have to get the banana. You have to make a paste of banana well and you have to apply this paste on your face in the evening. And wash the face in the morning. You have to use this recipe for 2 weeks. You will start seeing the wrinkles on the face disappear, in a few days your face will be completely clean. 

3. Now the third recipe, the third thing is that we can treat it sitting at home with water. All you have to do is that you have to drink a glass of water every hour. The more water you drink, the more Glow will come on your face, you have to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water a day. With this, your face will be glowing day by day and wrinkles will start to end.

4. The fourth recipe which is very special, you have to take special care of it. First of all you have to take one spoon of honey  Which is the original honey and you have to take cream over the milk. Which you have to take two spoons, you have to mix these two well. You have to apply it on your wrinkles. To be used in the evening. You have to use this for two weeks. 

So these were our special tips today, which if you do any recipe, you will see a very good difference after 2 weeks.

You must use this recipe, we have told you very easy tips. Which you can treat yourself sitting at home. You don't need to go anywhere.

This is a very effective recipies. You must try it. We will end your hair problem forever.

Your problem will go away, try this remedy , you will get benefit very soon .

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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