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  Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Today this post of ours is very special and very interesting. In this post, we have told you a very short and very powerful stipend. Which will solve all your problems. You guys must read this article and take advantage of it.

We all face problems in day to day life and wish that we could live a life which is free from the stress of such problems. We wake up every day and realize how much life we have spent just fighting and wishing that these problems go away. Every day is a new challenge. But fear no more! Today we will share with you a very powerful dua for all problems to go away that will eliminate all the problems and stress from your life.

This Wazifa for all problems can be used for the following:

This stipend which we are going to tell you, this stipend is very small but its benefits00 is very big. As diseases settle in many people's homes, many people are sick all the time, for love problems, for quarrels between husband wife, for wealth, for lack of money. For this you can do this wazifa.

With this stipend, you can remove all the problems of your home, as soon as you do this practice and you will see that after a few days your problems are ending from your house and your heart will be very happy, your home will be filled with happiness.

This stipend is very important for those people who also say that we have this problem, we have diseases in our house and no problem is taking the name of leaving home, then this post is more for those people. This stipend is very important for those who are troubled in this way, in this post we are going to tell you the implementation, you will read it once and insha Allah you will see that its result is so successful, you cannot even imagine how good its result is. Doing it only once will benefit you a lot.

Whose problems have settled inside the house, someone is sick in the house, someone is worried about money, there is no peace or there is a big problem which is not taking the name of leaving, then you people will definitely do this practice and Insha Allah will help you with your home. An atmosphere of happiness will be created inside the house, the problems from inside the house will end, the very important thing you are telling people, you have to read only one name.

This Wazifa for problems is an Islamic wazifa for the solution of all problems in your life. They work like magic to solve every problem. You just have to recite it to get rid of all the worries. Recite the dua given below to remove all the obstacles from your life:

If you are facing problems in the job, business, or career, reading the Wazifa for problems will be very beneficial for you. It will solve all the problems related to your job and business and will ensure success. Sometimes we get demotivated after making a lot of efforts that do not yield the results we desire. Reading the wazifa for problems will instill hope and courage in you and will help you to get rid of all the problems in your life.

This wazifa for the solution of all problems has immense powers to eliminate obstacles from your life. Perform this wazifa for problems 111 times daily with your obligatory prayer and Inshallah you will see that your life has become easier. This is the magic of wazifa for difficulties. A lot of people who have used this wazifa have reported very effective results. You can also contact our molvi Saab for any information regarding the wazifa for problems.

Allah has immense powers to make impossible things possible and we do not doubt that as we have seen it for ourselves that whenever we needed him, he was always there  .

Some benefits of ya salamu

 Ya Salamu wazifa has plenty of benefits (fazail/fazilat) that you might want to take advantage of now. I am reciting Ya Salamu for a while and it has given me a great sense of safety, peace and comfort. The wazifa has a miraculous power especially when it comes to dealing with a difficult and unwanted situation.


* Elimination of unnecessary fear and worry

* Deeper connection to Allah

* Recitation of Ya Salamu in trouble can reverse the situation and create a peaceful environment for two or more than two persons (a family, husband-wife relationship, or workplace)

Personally, I have seen the benefits (fazilat) of reciting Ya Salamu. The wazifa is the best weapon during tough conditions, especially dispute or serious arguments (in your family or even with a group of people/enemy). Constant recitation gives you the sense of power and integrity, making you feel you are being guided by Allah. If you dwell on the meaning, you will quickly gain the maximum benefits this beautiful name of Allah has to offer.


Wazifa .

first you have to read Durood Sharif 3 times whatever you remember, then after that you have to read Bismillahirrahmanir Rahim first

You have to read the very beautiful name of Allah Tabarak  wa Tala 111 times, the very blessed name ya salamoo and then or after reading the ya salamo, then you have to read the same Durood Sharif which you read in the beginning, after doing this practice, you have to read it thrice.  You have to suffocate on your hands and you have to turn your hands on your face, and you can also attack any other person in whichever house this will be implemented, Allah Tabarak wa Ta'ala will remove every problem in that house.





No matter how big the problem of your people is, Insha Allah, after doing this practice, that problem will go away, you can read this practice at any time, you can do it any day, there is no time restriction in this, if you want this practice You can do this every day, if you do this daily, then it will be much better, your life will change, happiness will come in your life, you will see that gradually your life will change completely.

This stipend is a tried-and-tested stipend of many people, you too will definitely try this stipend, hope you guys have understood both our post and stipend very well, if you people have any doubts or you have any question, then you Do ask in the comment.

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