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 Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Today's wazifa is related to the blessings of business, you read this post till the end and take advantage of it.

Why  we need this  wazifa ?

God has immense power to keep you safe and sound. Similarly he has a way out for every problem. There is no such hurdle in your life which the God cannot get rid of.

Financial woes are becoming an issue in almost everyone’s life.  The hike in the prices of daily essentials is making the life all the more difficult for everyone.

Rizq is the most significant need of life. As per the Quran, Allah has taken a full responsibility for your rizq, provided you obey him.

He never disappoints the person who is full of faith and is good by heart. Therefore, the wazifas are the best option to fulfill your wish.

Importance of Business

Business is one of the most important human activity. It has been playing an important role in the economic development of the nation and for the upliftment of living standard of the people. All the developed European countries, such as USA and Japan are developed today due to the development of the business. The important functions of business are as follows:

Economic development of a country

Business is playing a vital role in the economic development of the country. It is highly defined by the development of industry and commerce. Industries utilize the various natural and other resources available in the country. Similarly, the development of commercial activities contributes to the exchange of goods and services at national and international levels. It fulfills the needs of the people of the country and contributes to earning foreign currency by exporting the products to the foreign countries.

Utilization of natural resources

Natural resources are the free gift of nature. For the utilization of natural resources business has been playing an important role. Some countries are rich in natural resources, some in mineral resources, others in human and science and technology. The business utilizes such a manner that the whole kind of humankind is benefited.

Improvement of quality of life

The quality of life means a level of enjoyment, comfort, and health in one's life. Business improves the quality of life in two ways. Firstly, it provides high-quality goods and service to the people required for their enjoyment, comfort, and health. Secondly, a business offers employment opportunities to the people by which they can generate income and improve the quality of life.

Fulfillment of human wants

Human wants and desires are boundless and unlimited it keeps on changing. The business provides high-quality goods and services to the people for the satisfaction of their wants and desires at reasonable prices. In the absence of business activities, human wants may remain unfulfilled.

Employment generation

Business is the source of employment. It creates employment opportunities for a large number of people in any country. Various types of employees are required both in management and technical jobs of business. The development of industry and commerce is helping to solve the employment problems of the nation.

Earning of foreign currency

Business is an important source of earning foreign currency. Foreign currency can be earned by exporting goods to foreign countries. The development of industry and commerce is helpful for the production of goods and services. The development of export trade brings favorable balance in payment and surplus. Foreign currency can be used to import machinery equipment for developmental works.

Increase in government revenue

Business is an important source of government revenue so the business activities contribute to the government revenue in the form of taxes such as excise duty, sales tax, income tax, proper tax, entertainment tax and so on. It also helps to develop our country.


The development of industry and commerce is helping to fulfill the needs of society. The development of business in the country ensures self-reliance, self-dependence, and self -respect. A self-sufficient country has distinct prestige and status in international level.

Wazifa for barkat in business  .

Friends, today we have brought a very powerful tasbeeh for you people from the point of view of business. If this tasbeeh is read, any person reads this tasbeeh and whoever has read this tasbeeh, he has earned so much wealth with these two hands, has earned so much luck in his business, that he has earned immense wealth.

 He has earned, the business of many people has come to a standstill, the work is not going on, he is facing many problems, money is not being arranged, Friends, whoever is going through trouble, then start observing this tasbeeh. From today itself, Allah Tabarak wa Tala will make such arrangements that he will not let you go empty from any path. You will get a lot of rizak from thousands of treasures. There will never be a shortage of money, that means only then you will not have less money. This stipend is very powerful in terms of employment. You have to read a small tasbeeh and your business will flourish immensely. 

What you have to read and how to read, then you will understand carefully and you can read at any time. You can read Tasbeeh in the morning in the evening when you get time.

And all the people living in the house, if people read this tasbeeh every single tasbeeh, then what to say about this wazifa, then this wazifa is so good, it has many benefits. You will understand this , that you have to read in this way. If you do not have Vazu, it is fine, you can make wazu too. Remember that you can read this wazifa even in the condition of impurity. What is the way of reading, first of all, you can read it at any time while sitting and walking, there is no such restriction to read it.

How  to read ?

First of all you have to take Tasbeeh in your hand. The way of reading is that it starts. 7 times you have to read Durood-e-Pak, whatever Durood-e-Pak you remember, then after that ,You have to read this verse 100 TIMES , '' subhaanallahi   wabi hamdihi  astagfirullah wa atubo  ilaihi'' then after that you have to read  Durud  Sharif 7 times which you read in the beginning.

That's all you have to do this Vazifa and don't have to read anything apart from this, just follow this. Keep doing this practice continuously. This practice will make you rich, your business will be very prosperous  Will bless you with wealth. 

Inshallah will remove your problems. Allah Tabarak  wa Tala  Amen Allahumma Amen. also pray the same to Allah, who is in pain in the state of all troubles,  struggling with money, wealth or someone's problem, remove all the troubles and grant blessings, Amen Allahumma Amen.





You will do this wazifa for a few days and you will benefit a lot. You cannot even imagine how much wealth Allah will bless you with. And how much luck will come in your business. 

you  will definitely try this practice. This is a tried-and-tested practice of many people. It is a very powerful practice.

Your problem will go away, do this wazifa , you will get benefit very soon .

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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