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Assalamalaikum friends , i am Azimusshaan malik and hope you all are fine.

Today we are going to tell you such wazifa in this post by quoting money. you will get such help 

from Allah that you will get money from somewhere .

Money Barkat Wazifa.

 Money is the life runner in today’s time. A life in poverty is not easy. Often

 people get tired of their seamless efforts and still fail to fulfill their needs.

Many a times, some people get their selves involved in illegal ways to earn money. But this again

 has a bad ending and also risks you and your family.

Therefore, the best way out to be financially sound is to take help of God.

He is gracious for all and grants you what you desire, if you ask it with full faith.

There are many duas and wazifa for barkat in money which give the desired results as soon as


Why wazifa we do wazifas?

God has immense power to keep you safe and sound. Similarly he has a way out for every

 problem. There is no such hurdle in your life which the God cannot get rid of.

Financial woes are becoming an issue in almost everyone’s life.  The hike in the prices of daily

 essentials is making the life all the more difficult for everyone.

Rizq is the most significant need of life. As per the Quran, Allah has taken a full responsibility for

 your rizq, provided you obey him.

He never disappoints the person who is full of faith and is good by heart. Therefore, the wazifas

 are the best option to fulfill your wish.

Importance of money.

Money is important, but how much do you need.

Money is not everything, but money is something very important. Beyond the basic needs, money

 helps us achieve our life's goals and supports — the things we care about most deeply — family,

 education, health care, charity, adventure and fun. It helps us get some of life's intangibles —

 freedom or independence, the opportunity to make the most of our skills and talents, the ability

 to choose our own course in life, financial security. With money, much good can be done and

 much unnecessary suffering avoided or eliminated.

But, money has its own limitations too. It can give us the time to appreciate the simple things in

 life more fully, but not the spirit of innocence and wonder necessary to do so. Money can give us

 the time to develop our gifts and talents, but not the courage and discipline to do so.

Money can give us the power to make a difference in the lives of others, but not the desire to do

 so. It can give us the time to develop and nurture our relationships, but not the love and caring

 necessary to do so. It can just as easily make us jaded, escapist, selfish, and lonely. How much do

 you need? What is it going to cost you to get it? It is keeping these two questions in mind that

 gives us a true sense of money's relationship to happiness. If we have less than what we need, or

 if what we have is costing us too much, we can never be happy. We need money to eat, sleep,

 dress, work, play, relate, heal, move about, and enjoy comforts. We should remember in choosing

 our style that it comes with a price tag.

Yes, we get a thrill at first from expensive things. But we soon get used to them, a state of running

 in place that economists call the 'hedonic treadmill'. The problem is not money, it's us. For deep

-seated psychological reasons, when it comes to spending money, we tend to value goods over


Money can help us find more happiness, so long as we know just what we can and cannot expect

 from it. Many researches suggest that seeking the good life at a store is an expensive exercise in

 futility. Money can buy us some happiness, but only if we spend our money properly. We should

 buy memories.

How much money it costs is not the issue, but how much the money costs us is important. Money

 should not cost us our soul, relationships, dignity, health, intelligence and joy in simple things of

 life. People who figure out what they truly value and then align their money with those values

 have the strongest sense of financial and personal well-being.

Wazifa for money in emergency .

  My dear friends, all the people who are reading this post, my brother, my sister, who is reading

 this post and if any of you people need money in emergency i.e. more money is needed in less

 time and You are wishing that in some way you can get more money or arrange for money in a

 short period of time, all the work that has been stopped due to the money should be made or you

 are going through the fear of any problem.  you need money in the emergency of your

 people, there is a need for such an amount, because of which your work is not being made and

 you want it to become work and you get money, then for this thing we will give you a They are

 going to tell very powerful peace.

And you have to do this practice on three black peppers. allah will give wealth so much wealth

 will give you that you cannot even guess, it is difficult to guess, a common man can not even

 imagine this thing, we will tell you today in this post that you will get relief from troubles. I hope

 you read this post till the end if you people really need money in emergency and you are wishing

 that you get money as much as you want.

Money will be arranged soon. Wherever you place your hand, on which path you pass, Allah will

 create the means of such a thing; We will arrange money for you. We will present a short

 sentence in front of you ''once we have a man I get a call from someone who is going to earn

 crores of rupees himself, he says that the party in front is retracting what we were dealing with

 since that day. He is not taking the contract from me, etc. If he starts working with me, then so

 be it. Maybe I can earn so much money that I will give it to you too, but we told him that we do

 not need to give money and we do not need your money and then I told the same practice to the

 person who will follow you today. I am going''

And I told him, brother, do this work, trusting in Allah, any person is angry with you and you

 want to be kind to him that your work is made and someone is going through trouble, then this

 practice Definitely do and that person did this practice and today he is very happy and he told us

 that I want to give you something as a gift but we refused him that there is no need to give you

 anything in the era of Pandemic situation. If you really gave money, you have to do anything. If

 you want to give something, then give it to those who live around you, who are upset, thirsty, or

 whose business has stopped.''

You will help such people, there is no need to give it to us and that person was very happy and he

 did this practice and there is a lot of happiness in his life today and his family is also very happy,

 then you must also do this practice Inshallah You will also joy your life happily, after doing this

 practice, you will also start getting happiness. You know what is the way to do this practice, let

 us know that the way to do this practice is that on the basis of 2 days of this practice you will

 That is, you have to do this practice only for 2 days and you have to do this practice continuously

 on the first day of Thursday and on the second day on Friday these 2 days.

Now, how is it to read this implementation, very successful thing, today we are telling you, so

 please understand , you have to take three black pepper from your kitchen or

 from a shop and put those three black pepper in a bowl. Keep it in front of you, at the time when

 you are doing this practice, you should not talk to anyone at the time, there should be no

 disturbance while performing and as long as it takes you 5 minutes 10 minutes to execute

 whatever time you will take in that time. You do not have to talk to anyone, you should be fully

 focused on your practice, first of all you have to keep that pepper in front of you, after that you

 will do this practice.

At any time you can do this practice during the day but you only have to do two days on

 THURSDAY and on the day of Friday, but one thing is very important here as if you have done 1

 day which means you have implemented it. If you execute at noon, then you have to do that on

 Friday, you will have to execute the same time, on both days you will have to do this at the same

 time. black pepper has to be kept in front of you and you have to read Durood  Ibrahim 21

 times, the Durood we read in Namaz, Durood Sharif, you have to read 21 times. times Durud

 Sharif to be read,

Durud Sharif will read you then you have to read a surah Mubarak of Quran A Majeed and that

 is the name of Surah Mubarak Surah Kausar will now understand how to read it, this Surah has

   to read you 41 times, Surah Kausar will read you 41 times, then finally 21 times Read the same

 Durud e Pak which was in the beginning and then your execution will be completed here and

 after the completion of this work, you have to directly lift the three black pepper bowl in your

 hand and near your face Bring and blow thrice.

And after suffocating it, cover it with a lid and take it and keep it in a cupboard or keep it in the

 kitchen or in the room and remember one special thing when you will sit to do this practice. You

 have to keep all the troubles in your mind, keep in mind all the objectives that you want to get

 rid of, for which purpose you are implementing this and you want to succeed in all those tasks in

 whatever work you want to do. You want to achieve success, all that should be in your mind and

 your eyes should be on top of pepper during implementation.

As long as you execute your mind, your mind should be on the side of implementation, take care

 of all the things and in Paki's condition this implementation will be done and in the next day ie

 on Friday, you will have to execute it in the same way, it will have to be done on the same time.

 You have to repeat this process on that day. Now when it is done on both days, it will be done on

  black pepper, then you will first arrange Fatiha because thursday and Friday are very

 special days, then you will get some sweet on that day. The cheese will be prepared in the food

 and the three black peppers that you will have to put inside the food are the ones that you will


If you are not able to make anything special, then whatever food is made in your home, then you

 have to put that pepper in it. Now the purpose of putting pepper in the food is that the people of

 the house will eat it but you will You should also feed food to some outside people, like there are

 hungry people outside, there are troubled people, all those people should also feed this thing, in

 whose stomach this three black pepper will be released, then Allah will destroy and lock you. You

 will succeed in all the purposes that you want to be successful in the objective, very successful

 implementation today, we have told you that it is only for 2 days, if you do this work

 continuously for 2 days, then your life will also shine.

We hope that you guys have understood all the things very well, if you guys have any doubt, then

 if you have any question, then definitely tell us in the comment.


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