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khan sir did not expect such from you//Khan sir sent a message to the Live wazifa team//Live Wazifa.

Assalmalaikm my dear friends. I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

todat i am going to tell you such things in this post which i have got to hear from the mouths of some people about khan sir .

Many people are getting different responses. I have many bad phone calls and other social media messages. It has started running very badly. Since yesterday, I have published the video of Khan sir, which I had put in my video about Khan sir, which I have given my personal opinion, people have a lot of trouble about it. There are people who are stand against khan sir and some people in their favours. Opinions of a lot of people, I found something I want to share with you, understand very carefully in this post.

First of all we would like to thank Khan sir and his team in this post wholeheartedly because you saw and understood that video and Khan sir also thanked us. Khan sir, understand us here, in this environment, if you take the name of any religion, then the love of the public is lost, then you do not speak the name of your religion. You are under pressure from anyone and do not tell your real identity to anyone. No need to show a certificate to anyone.But we have got a lot of comments, we are going to tell you that first comment we have got from,

 Khushi ji who says that " when I started watching the video in the beginning, I felt that you are against Khan sir,  but it is nice to see the video It has been said that you are with Khan sir". 

Dear Khan Sir, I myself chose this thumbnail for your video because people are looking for something against you that we can find some small thing against Khan sir or find a guy who is Khan. Sir's against this, people are finding such things against you in this environment, so I chose such a thumbnail because all the traitors who are sitting here find such videos and posts.Seeing something like this and let us take advantage of this thing, our team made the same thumbnail. We had no intention to defame or defame Khan sir. We just wanted to see what is the opinion of the people. Our  personal opinion Was that which was shared with the public, then my dear friends, I have received a second comment to tell you.

The second comment we received is from Abdul Wahab Saheb who says - "Looks like he has got a big amount."

This guy saw our video and then thought that this is speaking in Khan sir's favor, then he has said that it seems that Khan sir has given a good amount to it, so let me tell you, there is no personal contact with mine Khan sir. There is no way of any way and even if it happens, I do sorry to Allah, I do not do any such thing with bribe, do not speak against anyone, I have nothing to do, you can see the entire background of my channel there. There are around 1000's of Something I have videos on the channel and 6, 7 channels we play more,And there we have given different videos as well, if you will not find such work anywhere, then people should now stop speaking against Khan sir, Khan sir has also given a clarification, especially a video of Khan sir.

 It has come that one or two days ago in which it has been told who he is a Hindu or a Muslim,

We got a lot of love too, quoting that video came out with very good comments. The biggest thing is that some of the students of Khan sir who are from Patna, commented to us that Bhaijaan, we used to study in Khan Sir's class. We used to talk to Sir as well but there was nothing like that but suddenly all the people turned against Khan sir. He said that we know Khan sir personally, then you understand that people who are against Khan sir are very bad people.

Thank you very much, khan sir. 

we hope , You guys must have understood the whole thing well, if you want to ask anything, then comment. 

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