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DUA TO GET RID TROUBLE//NO Matter How Hard The Work Is, It Will Become Work, You Read This Prayer//LIVE WAZIFA.

Assalmalaikm my dear friends. I am Azimusshan malik ,hope you all are fine .

Today we have brought a very special Dua for you people, by reading this prayer, every problem of your  will be overcome.

 Sometimes a person feels himself in a lot of trouble, he feels that all the doors are closed all the way which are troubles, that troubles will not go away and he will have to face these troubles, sometimes a person breaks so much from inside. It is that he does not see any door, any way, so many problems come in front of him that if he is forced to do anything, then there is a situation of troubles with any person or any person is going through troubles. 

Whether you have been facing any kind of problem in any way, then you will have to pray this prayer immediately because all those paths are closed, but one door, one path is never closed, then the path made by Allah means that the prayer that we are going to tell you will read this prayer. Believe in Quran -e-Majid  that, if you are going through any problem, then you will get out of that problem.

 If you are going through any problem that has come up or is difficult, then there is trouble with the pain of tightness, and there is no one and you are not able to tell anyone, you are choking inside, then you will definitely read this prayer, inshallah any Problems will not come to an end


After doing this, your life will also change, if you have trouble, restlessness and all the time when this issue of trouble is presented, then this prayer is read at that time, then read it carefully.

now you understand the way of reading, the way to read this First of all you have to read it            "Bismillah hir rahmaanir raheem "

      after that you will read this dua 

"YA  Haiyyu  YA Kayyumo Birehmatika Aastageesu La Ilaha illa Anta Subhanaka Ini Kuntu minaz zuwalimiin"

You will keep reading this prayer constantly, in the beginning of this dua, if you have any time, you will read Durud e Pak three times and finally after this prayer, you will read 3 times Durud e Pak and this dua has no existence.

 How long and how long to read this prayer whenever there is any difficulty in front of you, due to which you are troubled due to which there is no way you are not able to see any work in the face of any problem. It has been stuck for a long time, you start reading this dua, you will read this dua continuously for 2 minutes, you can read it at any time on daily basis.

Now, whether the time is in any condition, you are in the journey or wherever you are, you should oppose this blessing, inshaAllah will become happiness in your life too and if any problem comes in front of you, then the problem is away from you. Will go and your family will be happy in your family, in your family, in your family, Amen Allahumma Amen is a very successful thing that I have told you, we are telling you to make this practice a matter of life in your life if you have any problem. Praying to Allah, whoever is in trouble, Allah should remove all the problems, Amen. Allahumma Amen.

Hopefully you have understood all the things well. If you have not understood anything, then please do comment.

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