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GET RID Of Torn Ankles In One Night// Cracked Heels Problem//remove Cracked heels//live Wazifa.

Assalmalaikm my dear friends. I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine .

Friends, if anyone's foot heels are torn or you have already torn your ankle or if you have got

 very big cracks, then sometimes you also get to see that someone's ankles are torn so much and It

 starts to bleed from their ankles, if you people are also worried that your feet are torn from the

 ankles or your feet are also bursting, or if your feet or soles are too dark, then for these things

 .we are going to tell a recipe for people in which you will see in just 1 day of using it, how bad the

 ankles of the feet are and how badly they are bursting, insha Allah it will be fine.And the person

 who was trying this recipe for 7 days continuously, the problem of the crack of the heels of his

 feet will be completely eliminated from the root, it is a recipe we have tried ourselves and many

 people have seen it when I try it. We are going to tell people in such a verified way,  if you have

 any problem in this way, then you will definitely use it . 

if you go to the doctor there you will get a lot of medicine and it will cost money but you will not

 get permanent results.


We are going to tell you why the heels break up because our heels are soaked because there is a

 lack of coil gland in our soles when the coil gland starts to fall, then it seems that the heels

 become very dry at that time. That is, when the heels starts drying, it starts bursting, then the

 recipe is very important to keep the moisture in the ankles to maintain the coil gland, and black

 feet and black soles are absolutely finished. Will make it absolutely shiny, then you will

 understand very carefully how to do it, you will need some things in it.


You have to take two candles, you have to peel the wax of that candle with the help of a knife and

 its fine powder will be formed and the wax will become very fine, after peeling it, put it in a bowl

 and then you have to spoon a mustard oil. Take one teaspoon in oil and if you have taken two

 candles, then in two spoons of oil then you have to mix it well inside that wax.


First of all, take water in a tub, after taking a little water, you will add half a lemon to it and add

 salt to it and add a little shampoo to it and add a teaspoon of baking soda. Baking soda is

 optional. Now Mix it well and keep your feet in the tub for at least 10 to 15 minutes, and wash

 the ankles comfortably with water, then when you have 10-15 minutes, then do it yourself. That

 the feet have to be washed with clean water and the feet have to be dried. Immediately after

 drying, you have to apply the mixer that you made with candles and oil.

First of all heat the mixer, it will mix well, then you have to put that mixer in a box, then after

 washing the feet, put this mixer on your audio, well then after that you should wear the feet. And

 you don't have to walk after all of this just to sleep full night you have to wear socks. After 1 day

 you will see that the torn ankles will be finished and the black legs will be completely clean and

 after 7 consecutive days, this problem will go away. 

You will also avoid medicine and avoid going to the doctor and your It will not cost much and you

 have to use it every night. 

When you go to sleep before you apply it and then go to sleep.

You will definitely use this recipe, you will definitely benefit .

Hope you have liked our post very much and you people must have understood everything.

 if anyone has any question, then please comment.

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