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Implementation of wealth in Ramadan//Live Wazifa.

Assalmalaikm my dear friends. I am Azimusshan malik and hope you all are fine.

My dear friends, in this post today, we are going to tell you such a stipend, a practice whose

 people eagerly wait for the year that this day will come and we should do this practice, I am

 telling you this because this stipend Thousands of people have tried and achieved success and

 have made this gift a matter of their life and have been very happy, heartily, after doing this

 award with heart, everyone spends so much money and wealth in the house .That he has been

 rich in his breed without Khair Barkat.

After performing this, there is never a shortage of money on anyone. The person who makes this

 stipend by demanding from the person who gives some donations on rice. And Allah feeds the

 grain made to the grains of rice. Believe it is the person who has done this stipend. Till date, he

 has never been troubled by Rizk, it is such a successful decision, you will definitely do it, in the

 month of Ramadan ul Mubarak you can do it on the day of any Ramadan.

There is no restriction of time in this. It can be done at any time. Any person can do it. If you do

 not have rice grains, you can also take wheat grains. 


The way to implement this is, you have to keep 7 grains of rice apart, now you have to apply these

 grains by counting it. First of all you have to read Durd Sharif 11 times in the beginning,

 whatever you remember Durud a Pak. If you do not remember Durud E Ibrahimi, then you have

 to read the shortest Durud Sharif, that is, "Sallallaho Tala Alehi Vasallam," you have to read it

 11 times as soon as you can read Durud Sharif 11 times and then take a grain of rice.Then the

 grain of that rice will be 7 times ya Razaku, and as soon as you read ya Razaku 7 times, you will

 to blow the rice grain three times and then put the rice in the side and then the other rice will be

 suppressed again.

 In the same way, on the third rice, on the fourth rice, on the fifth rice, on the

 sixth rice, on the seventh rice, you will die, all your rice grains will get absorbed, then put these

 grains in a bowl or bowl or put them on paper and now you are finally done. You have  to read

 the same Durood Sharif which was read in the beginning, as soon as Durood Sharif will

 complete, then you have to burn three times on the grains of rice.

( wazifa .11 times durud sharif 

7 times' ya razzako'

     11 times durud sharif)

How to use it. 

You have to use this for the makhluk or mockery of Allah. One time this stipend is to be done.

 Thousands of people have tried the stipend. You too will try it. Whoever does this award, Allah

 Khero remains rich with Barkat. Believe it, the wealth of millions of crores is also nothing more

 than this. You have to do that if you put these rice in the bowl, then you have to keep the bowl on

 the roof or keep it in the courtyard of the house or in the garden, then maybe this bird eats. 


 you do not have these rice or the roof, or there is no place where you can place it, then you

 have to pour these rice into the water.Where there is running water in the river or in the river,

 you can shed it in the water there. Just do this award once in the month of Ramadan Mubarak.

 Believe it, here you will get it, there you will get to see it. More people have done it, it has been

 tried.We hope that all of you have understood the things well, if any person is not able to

 understand anything, then definitely ask in the comments and like the post, share it so that other

 people can also benefit from it and Allah On behalf of you, you will get an answer if you share

 this post to a needy person.

Thank you

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