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 Assalamalikum my dear friends , i am Azimusshan malik and hope you all are fine .

In this post, one such wazifa has been told which is the Allah's very beloved  name. Which is very

 powerful amal and it is a tried and tested wazifa. You will definitely do this practice and you will

 benefit from this post will pay attention till the end.

My dear  friends, in today's post, we are going to tell you the implementation of the name of such

 a Allah, which is very successful if you read this post till the end Inshallah, I say with full

 confidence that your heart will be happy too. That's why you will read the post till the end and

 understand it, then your heart will be happy. Before I will do this stipend which I am going to

 tell you guys This special wazifa is in the name of Allah's beloved, if you are going to talk to a

 person after reading this for any purpose and you want that purpose to be fulfilled, solve the

 problem, the problem will end. Go and the person in front will talk to you, his heart will become

 soft, he will start talking to you with love and the second big problem is that no matter how

 much hatred is in his heart, the hatred that is there will end, he will start talking with love like

 this You will know that the person in front of you will start speaking as you want.

This practice is such a big problem in itself that if you are leaving the house by doing this

 practice, you are going to someone for some purpose, you are going to meet someone, you are

 going to a clerk, you are going to a senior officer. Going near, going to anyone, then after reading

 this practice, whoever goes in front of any person for any purpose, then Inshallah, that person

 will be blessed with the blessings of this practice by the order of Allah Rabbul Izzat. Opens so

 many avenues for the reader that love arises in the heart of the person in front and he will start

 talking to you with love.

To whomever you are going, every trouble that comes is over and the third thing will be

 understood that there is a lot of benefit by doing this practice, you get reward, everyone becomes

 your sympathizer, whoever is the person who does this practice. If you do it with full faith, then

 there is a lot of difficulty in this implementation, but if you read what I am going to tell in this

 post, if you read it, your heart will also be happy and I am sure that everyone on this. Let us

 know this implementation completely, how it will be implemented.

You can do this practice for any work There are two ways to do this implementation It can be

 done in two ways First you are going to talk to someone on the phone Before you are going to

 talk on the phone at any time Five 10 minutes before you read this scripture and it should be

 sure that I am reading this scripture in Allah for that person, it means whatever the person is

 here with whom you are going to talk or Allah for him Create love for me in my heart, May Allah

 who has hatred for me in his heart or whatever is there in his heart, whatever is there, destroy all

 those things and create love for me in his heart.

Read this practice and then you can talk immediately after doing this practice, talk to him and he

 will be kind to you and the second thing is that if you are going to meet someone then you can do

 this by doing this practice. Go if you are going to meet someone, then you should do this practice

 in the morning or else you should do it after the prayer of Fajr, after that you go to meet, before

 meeting that person, you should do this practice 5 or 10 minutes before. Must do it means before

 leaving the house, you must do this practice first.

It means to say that before talking on the phone or before talking in front of whomever you have

 met any Hakeem or senior officer or before going in front of any person, you are going to meet

 that person. Before meeting the person, you have to do this Amal, it will not take much time to

 read Amal, the way of reading Amal is that you do not have to first read Durood-e-Pak 3 times,

 whatever you remember or read the shortest Durood-e-Pak Can he say this sallallaho taala alehi

 wa sallam you have to read this 3 times

After reading all you have to do is that you have to read a very special name of Allah Tabarak

 and Tala, which is very blessed, Shifati is the name which has a lot of luck.

If you know how to read this practice, then first of all you people have to read

 Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and then you have to read Durood Sharif 3 times, then after that you

 have to read only 21 more times only you have to read the very lovely name of Allah or Azizo it

 gives you 21 You have to read many times and after reading 21 times, then you have to read the

 same Durood-e-Pak which you have read in the beginning.





That's all you have to do and as soon as it is implemented, then all you have to do is talk to

 whomever you want to talk to and if you are going to meet then you can meet, that's all you have

 to do And this implementation in another way is another way, that too let me tell you guys.

Another way is that you have to do this practice continuously for 11 days without mising a day

 and its method is that first of all you have to read Durood Sharif three times and in the middle

 this very beautiful and fazilat of Allah Tabarak wa Taala You have to read the name or azizo 101

 times and you have to do this practice for 11 consecutive days, when you will do this for 11 days

 continuously and go to meet a person or talk on the phone for 12 days, then you will see that

 your heart is in that person's heart. The hatred for will end forever and ever.

2).  WAZIFA 




You will see that love will arise in that person's heart. When you will implement it, then you can

 imagine how fruitful this implementation will be.

You must try this practice, it is a very powerful and practical practice, it is a very fruitful

 practice in itself.

We hope that you must have understood our every point, if you people have any problem

 anywhere, then you will definitely tell us in the comment and by considering this post as a sadka,

 you will definitely share it with every person so that the people ahead The trouble can also go


      THANK YOU.

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