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Assalamalaikum my dear friends , i am Azimusshan malik and hope you all are fine.

In today's post, we are going to tell you about the feet, which are five such feet, which tell in which direction we are going to go, what will be our future or what nature we are, that foot is all of us. Some tell such feet that science has been able to find so far and that we have explained to you the structure and quality of those feet well in this post, you will have to read this post carefully till the end and read this post. After that you can find out how is the structure of your foot.


‘Foot reading’ is as bizarre as it sound.

The art of palmistry, otherwise known as "chiromancy" has been practised across the world throughout history.

While many will be familiar with the way in which clairvoyants analyse every line and crevice of a person’s palm in order to somehow foresee their future, few may be aware that their feet can apparently be just as revealing.

“Foot reading”, also known as “solestry”, is a form of divination that can supposedly tell a great deal about an individual’s personality

Foot readers claim that they’re able to gauge a person’s character simply by taking a look at the size of a person’s big toe or the height of their arch.


We will tell you about five different types of feet, which science has been able to find so far, that means there are five such feet which tell that person his direction, which floor he is going to go to and what is going to be built towards which floor. Where is it going, it tells all the things ahead, those 5 types of feet that science has discovered so far, yes you can recognize by looking at the shape of your foot, which way it points This post is very important.

You have been told very well about the five feet in this post, you should read about the five feet in this post and then you will obsess, which are your feet, in which direction will you take you and with which feet your feet also The property of your foot will also be the same.

1. first of all the foot is the energy feet, the thumb in it is on the outside, the rest of the fingers are on the lower side, these are the feet of the first way, we call them Energy Feet If someone's feet are of this type, then what will be its specialty, people with such feet reach very high places in their life.

People with such feet definitely fall, there is a hindrance in life, but by the command of Allah, they achieve a very high position and become successful in life, such people are in such a way that there is a negative situation or any negative situation. Bad times are going on, those people remain positive in that too, the nature of such people is very positive.

2.The second type of foot which is the foot is called Strong Feet The structure of this foot is that the thumb which is in it remains in the standing position and together with the two fingers also remain in the standing position which is the finger equal to the thumb. it lives in the standing position, we call this foot strong feet and such people and people with this foot are the best advisers, these people are very intelligent, they give good advice to people, these people are inside themselves They are very understanding, they have a lot of wisdom and these people are also adept at making friendship, but never take illegitimate advantage of friendship, their mood is very settled.

3.Now the third type of feet are success feet, we call them successful feet and the structure they have is that the thumb is in the standing position and the finger which is just equal to the thumb is the thumb. That is, the finger equal to the thumb is higher than all the fingers and thumb and the quality of such people is that some people do not appreciate such people but one day these people achieve success and so on. These people achieve success that then the whole world gives examples of such people, there is a rule of their life that such people work so quietly that success makes noise.There are such people, people with success feet, they get good success in life.

4. now they come to the people with the fourth type of feet, they are called long race feet, the structure of these feet is seen that these The shape of a horse is like a jumping horse, such a structure is their specialty that these people work hard only once in their life, they work very hard and then the position achieved by that hard work is achieved. Take advantage of life only after working hard once, you get benefit for life.

The nature of these people is very kind, they help people, they help their relatives and all the people around them, whoever these people see troubled, these people help them all, such people keep away from fight and quarrel. They like to live but if someone hurts them, they never forget the person who hurt them, this thing settles in their heart but their mood is different, they stay away from these fights and these people  are called race feet.

5.The feet of the fifth way are called the structure of the building feet, it is such that it looks like the buildings are built, they are in the form of buildings and the quality of such people. It happens that people grow and fall, they meet a lot in life, these people also achieve progress and fall in life, these people get success in life and neither get success, this condition in their life Keeps going.

Here are 5 types of feet and their structure and their quality

Now you guys can easily find out what structure your foot is, what quality it is, in which direction your foot will take you, you can easily identify.

Hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you guys did not understand anything or there is any problem, there is any doubt then you can definitely ask us in the comment .

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