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Assalamalaikum my dear friends . i am Azimusshan malik and hope you all are fine .

Today's ours post is very special, in this you have been told about the how to forgett someone, they have been explained well, wazifa also mention, if you want to forgett someone, then read this post till the end and take  benefit from it. 

 Some tips to forgett someone.

When breakups happen, it feels like we are drowned in a dark sea of pain. The helplessness begins when we are unable to swim through and trying to figure out how to move on with our life.

"Every day is a new day, and you'll never be able to find happiness if you don't move on. So today ,let's talk about some ways to forgett someone.

#1. Stop, Breathe and Rest

When something breaks down, it’s a process. Be gentle. Breakups feel like lying on a bed of razors. But that is how certain things in life are.

Breakups are difficult to handle. So the first thing you can ever do is breathe. Take a break. Process it. 

I know, it feels horrible. But there are times in life when life demands more from us and the only way out is to give it a chance. It demands resilience and courage. The first step to any healing is taking a step back and just hanging in there.

And I can’t tell you, how taking a step back helped me see things that I was blind to when I was in the relationship. When you are amidst a battle, you can’t see your own moves or for that matter anyone else’s. But when you step back, you clearly know where you stand.

No matter how painful it might be, but with the clarity, you are ready for the next step. Take rest post any havoc. We all deserve our breaks. Take yours.

#2. Stop Visiting The Special Places

When we are intimate with someone, we create memories. And once the person is gone we end up revisiting those memories. The songs, restaurants, the roads, and every place come to haunt us. And no matter why you broke up, you will have impulses to call or go back. Many people give up in this phase and go back, only realizing that memories were much better than reality. Your special places will act as a trigger.

Stop going or visiting all those special places or maybe even those special songs. Go to new places, create fresh memories. The brain will rewrite everything. It always does (It sounds crazy but trust me it does). Give yourself that grace period. You will be fine.

#3. Stop Stalking Your Ex

Accept it that you have broken up, and stop visiting their social profiles, can you? Can you for some time at least block your ex on all social media platform? It does absolutely no good seeing what they are doing but certainly, destroy your day. That cute picture on Instagram will only intensify you more and make you more helpless.

Be gentle with yourself. Leave alone his social media profiles and move on.

#4. Try anything new and exciting to overcome his memories

Take a piece of paper. Write things you are scared of doing (or loved doing but never did). Maybe bungee jumping or a solo trip? Then do it. Nothing expands us more than doing something we thought was not our cup of tea and that builds our confidence too.

Once you do what you thought you could not, it gives you new skies to fly in and you become a new person. So many times breakups are the best times to find who we are truly meant to be. Because the purpose of pain is always to expand us. Trust me on that.

#5. Stay With Your Circle That Uplifts You

I can never emphasize enough, the influence your intimate circle can have on you. Stay with the ones who uplift you. Stay with the ones who see the good in you. With whom you forget all your past.

Half of my personal battles were won because my inner circle lifted me as a champion when I saw myself as someone ragged and tattered. No breakup is easy to go, nor was mine.

Stay close to the ones who love you and want you to do well. When people around you see the good in you, you become it. Especially when you are hitting an emotional low. Find people who will be your cheerleaders. You will reach the zenith quicker and stay emotionally healthy.

#6. Learn How To Move On!

Sometimes we hit emotional low so that we can remap our journeys in life. Even a breakup can move mountains in your life or can give you immense passion to do something incredible in life.

Sometimes a fall is actually a call by the Universe to take a new road. Try taking a new craft (Maybe you can decorate your house with these out of waste ideas or who knows you had some skills which you can turn into a business. You can try some of these business ideas) that lightens you up. Immerse in it. And you will find ways to build a new life, you might have never foreseen.

The idea is not to become a master in that art form but to find different parts of who you are. Maybe today is the day for something new.

Islamic Dua to Forget Someone You Love.

Excess of everything is harmful be it our emotions for a person we once loved. We all are someway or the other stuck in the past, it has become so difficult for us to let go on feelings we have for a person. No one is constant in this world, either in this world or in your, on a very honest note learn to let go. Don’t let the wounds of the past ruin your present or the worst your future. Allah has given us only one life and there is no point in wasting it for a single person.

Well it is easier said than done. I know it is difficult and I know you have been trying. But, unfortunately our heart is wicked and it plays games with us when it should not, it teases our memories even in our sleeps and diverts our mind to that person even if we don’t want that to happen. I would call it Satan’s doing as he finds pleasure in our pain. The good news is Allah is by our side always. Your separation with your previous love was his plan for the better and if you were accusing him for what he did, then you better don’t, his love for you is beyond your imagination. The warmth of his love can melt your heart in no time only you knew about his plans for you. So, the key her is to have some patience first.

The good part in this is that you have realised that there is no point in going back and you have decided to get over with it. And, if you have decided it for sure then Allah will certainly show you a way out. Before that there are certain things which I suggest you to do. In today’s world, where we are surrounded by technology so much that it interferes in our life quite often. I hope, you are getting the hint here, firstly, remove all the photos of your ex from your phones, laptops and even from your drawers or from that secret corner in your cupboard. If you won’t do that, then you are just fooling yourself.

 how to do wazifa.

If you do this wazifa continuously for 21 days, then every dream of that person will come out of your heart, every memory will be erased from your heart and mind, and your heart and mind, now it will be towards Allah. Your heart will be towards the ISLAM, your heart will be towards the works, happiness will come back in your life again and the thought of that person will go out of your mind.

Now let us tell you how to do the wazifa, the way is that you have to read durud sharif once in the beginning and at the end and with Bismillah you have to keep this tasbeeh which we have told you, this tasbeeh you have to read hundred times after every namaz in the day  you can do this wazifa there are two ways to do this wazifa one first if you want to do it continuously for 21 days then you will do this practice after every namaz, although there is no timing on it,

You can read it at any time, whenever you remember that person, you read this tasbeeh, but if you do this tasbeeh with the intention of 21 days, then there will be a lot of effect, then you will get 21 days when you will do this stipend. Have to read this picture after every namaz.




                      LA   MATLUBI    ILLALLAH

                      LA   MEHBUBI     ILLALLAH

                      LA  ILAHA    ILLALLAH


This is a very powerful wazifa and this is a tried and tested stipend of many people, you will see for yourself that you will completely forget that person, that person will completely leave your heart and mind and you will be towards Allah.

You will definitely do this stipend and take advantage of it.

we hope that you have understood everything very well, please like and share this post And if you have any question then you will definitely ask in comment.


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