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Waqia on eid //The story of our prophet and poor child// live wazifa.

Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

In today's post, we are going to tell you about the behavior of our beloved Muhammad Sallallahu Alehi Wasallam, how was his behavior with children and in this post we have also told you an incident, you should read it and follow it.

Prophet Muhammad's Kindness and Love for Children.

Children are priceless treasures from God. As Muslims, we consider human life sacred, and that every child is a unique being, worthy of respect and dignity. Children are made to be loved, cherished, and provided with the opportunity to grow up in a healthy, happy environment.

Every child is precious in God’s eyes and deserves to be loved, nurtured, and honored with quality care, to enable them to develop their full potential.

It is indeed a God-given responsibility of every Muslim parent to impart to their children a deep appreciation, respect, and love for Allah, His Messenger, His Religion and the sacred principles contained therein.

We must, therefore, give utmost importance in the upbringing of our successors, by drawing upon lessons from the beloved Prophet s.a.w who has been the greatest role model for humanity throughout history, not just through his words which serves as a guidance for mankind, but also through his actions, which is a source of inspiration for many.

The Prophet’s personality was not merely exemplified for a specific period, generation, nation, religion or place. Rather, he is a lasting global symbol for all people, transcendent through time.

The Prophet s.a.w said, “Indeed among the believers with the most complete faith is the one who is the best in conduct and the most kind to his family.”


In Islam, our parents have rights upon us, and when we become parents ourselves, our children have rights upon us.

Waqia  of our beloved prophet Muhammad and a child .

Friends, this  is a story of an orphan child and the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad Sallallaho alehi Wasallam. When you listen to this waqia, your heart will be happy insha Allah and at the same time your faith will also be refreshed. And looking at the love of Huzoor Pak Mohammad Sallallaho Alehi Wasallam, this post will definitely write Amen or Subhan Allah in the comment section .

Let the  begin. Once upon a time our dear, Huzur Sallallaho Wale Wasallam was coming from home. prophet (s.a.w) saw some children playing on the way.

And  ( s.a.w) see that a child is sitting beside those children in a sad and sad condition. (s.a.w) steps stop there and he go closer to that child.and he ask son, all the children are playing but why are you sitting sad. So that child said in response, Dear Rasool Allah, I am an orphan child, my parents have passed away. There is no one to bring clothes for me on the occasion of Eid. Dressed up and I would happily play with these kids.

I also go to Idgah . so I am sad and i sitting  here. Tears welling up in the eyes of our beloved  Huzoor Sallallaho alehi Wasallam and said to that child son, you come with me, today Mohammed considers you as his son. So he take that child with  us and come to his house and he told hazrat  Ayesha to bath this child well, this child is an orphan.

 So friends, that child is given a bath. Our beloved Aakah Huzoor Sallallaho alehi Wasallam, the Prophet of Allah, cut his Chadar-e-Mubarak into pieces and wrapped the piece of Chadar-e-Mubarak on the child's body.

And wear the other piece to that child. Friends, after that, Ayesha applied oil on the head of that child, combed her hair and applied surmah in the eyes of that child and along with applying fragrance to it, when the child is ready . Now when the child becomes very happy seeing so many things. Then our dear Aka Huzoor Sallallaho ale Wasallam comes and sits in front of that child and say to that child that son, you will not walk today, you will walk on my shoulders today, after saying this, sitting that child on his shoulders and passing through that street ,

The street in which the children were playing. When Nabi-e-Karim Huzoor Salla Wale Wasallam was passing by the other children with that child sitting on his shoulders. So the rest of the children saluted the beloved Aka Huzoor Salla ale Wasallam and they were all surprised to see this scene. this child is riding on the shoulders of Huzoor Salla Wale Wasallam.

 So friends, after that told all the children that the Prophet nabi-e-Kareem Huzoor Sallallaho is taking him for the prayers of Idgah. And from today I have become the son of Nabi-e-Karim Huzoor Salla ale Wasallam. Hearing this, out of all the children, one child says, I wish we were orphans too. The prophets of Allah would take us to the Idgah by sitting on his shoulders. Friends, after that when Huzoor Sallallaho Wale Wasallam reaches the Idgah.

 Then that child starts sitting down, then he told that child that son today you will sit with me on the member, when you sit down, made that child sit beside you. So you put your hand on his head with love and said that when you put a hand of love and put on the head of an orphan, then Allah will write down all the hairs under his hand, what he did in all his deeds.

And at the same time it was also said that if a person takes care of  orphan, then that person and I will be together in Paradise in such a way that two fingers of one hand are equally equal and those two fingers mixed together also showed Subhanallah.

 So friends, this is the real meaning of Eid. Eid Mubarak does not mean that wearing big new clothes and big preparations celebrated, crackers celebrated on the stale road, the real meaning of Eid is the people living around you. To make many people happy, today we buy different types of clothes for our children, for our family members.

Have we thought for such children, who have nothing around the children, friends, if you also have such a child or such children live who are orphans. Those who have no one to take care of them. You are an orphan in your eyes. You will definitely help people. Allah will definitely give you something in return.

If you will also help orphan children in the same way or help any poor, then Allah Ta'ala will bless you with so many blessings that you would never have imagined even in your dreams. Your life will be so beautiful that you cannot even imagine. So friends, if you have so much that you can help someone. If you can help an orphan, then you must do it a lot, Allah will give you double the wealth.

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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