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Wazifa to improve disobedient children// powerful wazifa for disobedient child // live wazifa.

Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

So today's post is very interesting which is related to children. Children who disobey their parents. They do not listen to the words of their parents, their heart is not engaged in studies, and their heart is not engaged in any work. So in this post, we have told you such a wazifa, after doing which your children will be loyal to you and read this post carefully and you will take advantage of it.

Wazifa for nafarman child .

Are you in  Worry because of your child's behaviour ? Does your  Child misbehaves to everyone ? Do you Have a son or daughter who  always disobeys you ? Do You have people around you Who  are always complaining about  your child 's behaviour ? ”Stubborn is both good and bad. Every parents do their best to fulfill their children’s aspirations. There is absolutely no stubborn person in every house. If the child becomes stubborn then parents try very hard to explain them. 

If your child seems to be like crazy to get something, strong dua for disobedient child, his heart stays till he gets that thing. Disobedient children and parents are a very harmful thing for the father. The condition is good for some time. If the extent is crossed, then he starts hurting the house. There is such a kind of prayer in the quran e pak that your child will stop chasing after reading.

Parents want to give their children every happiness in the world. But when children want to get something more than the limit, then it is wrong. Your son or daughter speaks to pick something. But that thing fails to get you from it. So the anger of the children increases. He wants to pray to allah to eliminate this disobedient. I pray to bring my children to the right message. Today we will tell you the strongest supplication for you and your disobedient children.

Allah always tries to make man human with dualism and love. Disobedient childhood creates a very difficult problem for his parents. Disobedient childhood to fall behind dua for disobedient troubling the parents to get expensive and precious things. Today we will tell the duo’s end to the end of disobedient children. After reading this prayer, your stubborn child will become a sensible person. With this, disobedient will leave forever. If your child is disobedient then you must see this prayer as try. Inshaallah will end the life of your childhood forever.

Everybody wants to be a good person to their parents. Your child has become disobedient and angry because of being in the company of some wrong children, dua to make your child obedient, Talks about the matter at home in the house. Kills things kept at home and thrown them around. The anger of others turns out to be at home. parents have been very upset .Everybody read the diasures, which would make the child obedient. If you want your child to be a sensible person teaming up with everyone. Treat all people well. Talk to everyone in the house with love. Obey all the things of the parents So for this you have to read strong wazifa.

A mother asks allah to pray only for the good of her children. In each prayer, your child is praying to be a good person. After that some left the hand. Some children are fond of living alone, dua for child behaviour, Sitting in the same room all day. Mobile keeps the focus all day long. When the parents ask a talk or do some work, they ignore their talk. With such behavior of children, their parents seem very disturbed. Every time I think about my children. 

Sometimes children start doing such atrocities. That he bothers his parents so much. They humiliate. That they do not listen to them. Parents invest money, for studies and children do not even study. They do not even go to study. Do not listen to what the parents say. They abuse, or else they go out at the behest of their parents. So to improve such children, we have brought very powerful action for you guys. We are going to tell you guys. This post is very important for all those parents who are troubled by their child.

Whose children disobey them and the parents who are there spend a lot of money. But even then the children do not listen to him and children do not feel like studying and parents ask children to study. Or they speak for some work. But children listen with one ear and avoid their talk with the other ear. Parents disobey the parents. So today's post is very important to improve such children. You read this post carefully and take advantage of it and you will understand this practice, you will also do this practice.

Inshallah, after doing this practice, your children will come on the right path. they will start listening to people  And they will also start paying attention to their studies and everything will start to concentrate in work and in studies. Amen Allahumma Amen. 

The first thing to do is how to do this practice and no child will do this practice. This practice can be done only by the parents of the child or any relative of the child or any person living with the child. And you can do this practice on any day any day you get the time,

And there is no restriction of the day, you can start it from any day. But the time which is in it will be fixed. You have to do this when your child goes to bed, the child is in deep sleep, that means the child is completely Go to sleep. Then you will do this practice. You have to do this after the child sleeps, you have to sit by his head side. Sit anywhere on your chair or on the bed but you have to sit on the side of the child's head.

You have to take special care of this thing that the sleep of the child is not disturbed. The child should not be disturbed. And the child should not be aware at all. And you have to do this practice very calmly.

 Now let's see how to read.

 So friends, first of all you have to read Durood-e-Pak three times in the beginning, whatever Durood-e-Pak you remember. You can read after that you have to read a Dua which is this    ''bismillahir rehmaanir raheem  walaakad yasranal quraan le zikre fahel min mudaqqir''. You have worn this dua 11 times. After reciting the dua, you have to recite the same Durood-e-Pak 3 times which you had read in the beginning. Just this will be implemented by you people. After the implementation is completed, you have to suffocate the child's chest. That is, the child's chest. Blow on the throat thrice and the child should not have the slightest doubt that you have blown.



11 TIMES    ''bismillahir rehmaanir raheem  walaakad yasranal quraan le zikre fahel min mudaqqir''.


You have to do this with peace. So friends, this will be your one day practice. Similarly you have to do this for a whole 1 month. Don't be miss in it for a single day. You have to do this for one month continuously.

After doing this practice for a few days, you will see that a lot of changes will come in your child. Your child will become your firm. He will listen to everything you say. Will do everything for you. He will become very noble. You just do this practice with full faith and confidence. Your life will change and your child's life will also change. This is a tried-and-tested practice of many people. You must do this practice.

Friends, this was our implementation today.

So friends, whatever things we have told you, you will follow it and your problems will go away. If there will be happiness in your house, then friends must try it and implement it from today itself.

Your problem will go away, try this  , you will get benefit very soon .

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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