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Wazifa of love//read this dua once//it will be as you wish//wazifa to improve your relationship// powerful wazifa//live wazifa.

Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Today's wazifa is very special if any person's relationship has deteriorated and he wants to improve the relationship that he should have a relationship with anyone. There may be a relationship between parents, brother, sister, mother, wife, anyone's relationship, if any person wants to manage his relationship and wants to live peacefully throughout his life, then definitely try this stipend once this stipend If you do, then friends, read our post again and take advantage of it.

Powerful Dua To Make Relationship Stronger, “Relationship is the sweetest word in the world. People are willing to do anything to keep the relationship alive. If you have a weak relationship even after living with each other, then they will be broken soon. If you keep your happiness happy, then he will also be happy with you. There is a lot of courage to strengthen the relationship in islam, powerful dua to make relationship stronger, the relationship which is going to break. At that time, read this prayer. Insha allah will be saved from your relationship. This will eliminate the distances between husband and wife with a strong desire. And will give love to the hearts of both of them.

Relationship is a union of two hearts. Needs to tame someone to keep the relationship in order. If the relationship is not laughing or joking, then their relationship starts boring. the relationship between husband and wife is also one of the relationships of the world. When the relationship breaks with husband and wife After that there is only divorce. In order to keep the relationship strong, one of the husbands and wives spouses pray to the quran.

In every house, everybody wants only that everyone has a relationship with each other, dua to make relationship stronger, If you want to strengthen your relationship with someone, then you have to keep a few things in mind. First of all, you have to trust each other. Tell each other your problems. Give each other your time. Understand the fringe of each other. Count each other’s point of view. Any small work can work only with one another’s way. Do not fight on small things. Your relationship with these things will become even stronger. And the relationship will remain successful.

Once the relationship is broken, it is very difficult to get involved again. To make this difficult easy we will give you a dua. So that your relationship always keeps on making it strong and strong. Powerful dua that strengthens the relationship is to be read in your morning or evening. When a relationship dies, it is used to pray for salvation.


Friends, today we will learn in this post that how we can improve our relationship with the help of five incense sticks, how we can make our relationship better with each other, if any person is wanting that he wants to improve his relationship. It is that if a person does not go away from him, misunderstandings have come in the middle, he has to make the relationship good by removing the misunderstanding, then that person must do this wazifa and you are going to make your relationship as sweet as it was before  are. 

So this stipend is very important for you guys and friends, one important thing if you guys want to do this stipend for children, then you can do it like if someone's child is disobedient, then this stipend for those children can also be done. You can do this wazifa to improve any permissible relationship, this is a very good stipulation to improve every permissible relationship, you have to do this stipulation only for permissible relationships, which Islam allows, you have to do this for haram relationships Do not do stipend.

Way of doing wazifa.

First of all you have to take 5 incense sticks,

you have to do this before the prayer of Isha i.e. you can do this wazifa before sleeping and you guys Don't have to talk to anyone while implementing it. When you execute, your motive should be in your heart and mind.

Now when you take 5 incense sticks, you have to keep those five incense sticks in front of you, then you have to start reading the practice. First of all you don't have to read Durood-e-Pak 11 times, whatever Durood-e-Pak you remember, after that you have to read Bismillahirrahmanir Rahim 5 times, after that you have to read Aatul Kursi 5 times, then after that you have to recite name of  Allah Tabarak wa Taala 100 times "Ya Hakimo" then you have to read the same Durood-e-Pak 11 times at the end which you read in the beginning. Was that this stipend will be completed by you,







after that with the help of a match, you have to burn these five incense sticks together and you do not have to extinguish it by blowing, you have to shake it and extinguish it with the wind and it will be extinguished as soon as it is extinguished will start burning.


That now the smoke, the fragrance that is coming out of these incense sticks, if that fragrance is included in the body of a person for whom you have done this stipend, then he will be arrested in your love. He will start falling in love with you, his heart will melt for you, that person can be anyone whom you want to improve your relationship, be it your parents, your siblings, husband or anyone else, now you will get this fragrance from that person. 

How to reach it, if that person is in your house, then you should keep these incense sticks somewhere in the house so that its fragrance can reach that person, as the fragrance is felt by that person, then you will believe that his heart will melt for you. Love will be born for you in his heart.

When you will do this stipend when that person is in your house, you have to do this stipend only once, Alhamdulillah, you will benefit a lot from this, all the anger on his heart will end. And in his heart, love will be born for you forever, if someone is away from you, then you can give this stipend to that person. Do not do it only for the person who is close to you, is in your house, to which its fragrance can reach, you do this stipend only for those people, you will only see that this stipend will benefit you immensely, you will be surprised how much benefit you will get It is happening that happiness will come back in your life and that person will never go away from you again.

So friends, whatever things we have told you, you will follow it and your problems will go away. If there will be happiness in your house, then friends must try it and wazifa it from today itself.

Your problem will go away, try this  , you will get benefit very soon .

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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