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Today we are going to tell such a stipulation, by doing which all the problems of your ear will go away, if you people have pain in the ear, blood comes in the ear, pus comes out of the ear, there is trouble in the ears, if there is any problem in the ears. Your stipend will end, you read this post till the end and take advantage of it.

About ear problem. 

Ear is an important part of our body because for ear we just can’t hear for any one.  Due to noice poulotion now a days people suffer loss of hearing power. It will make our life a little difficult as we have to ask many time to people what they are saying. Infact we have a great pain if ear are damage or some problem in ear and also people make a fun that’s not right you make this process and runaway ear pain . 

If you feel any kind of blockage in your ears or you experience something stuffed in your ear and you fail to get it out, then you should perform the dua to unblock ears and cure ear pain. Any kind of blockage or stiffness in your ear will completely end with the help of this dua. The wazifa to unblock ears and cure ear pain is very effective and powerful and will heal all the wounds of your ears.

Ear is a significant part of human body and Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala has privileged it with the function to hear and listen things. But, what if you have some pain or trouble in such an important body part? What if your hearing power is decreasing with age? If you’re experiencing problem in your ears, then wazifa for pain in ear- kaan k dard ka ilaj will help you out. 

If your hearing capacity is getting lower with every passing day and your hearing aid is also not able to help you out, then kaan dard ke ilaj ka wazifa is your one stop solution to go for. The wazifa will cure your pain and heal the hearing problem from the core and Insha Allah; you will see that you will never feel any lack of hearing things. Sometimes people make fun of you when you are not able to hear things, but the wazifa for pain in ear- kaan k dard ka ilaj is very powerful and it will end all the problems related to your ear. You can get to us via email, chat or instant message. We shall help you with the most suitable dua to unblock ears and cure ear pain and Insha Allah; very soon you will be healed. 

With age, you start experiencing hearing problems and pain in your ears, but you do not have to worry about it. Through medical help and by the grace of Allah Talah, very soon you will be able to come back to your normal life and your hearing issues and ear related problems will end. Just perform the kaan dard ke ilaj ka wazifa with great concern and you will get good results.

Wazifa to cure ear pain .

you have pain in your ear, otherwise you have pain in any of your homes, anyone has pain or you use any kind of drops then Still, you do not get relief from that slack, then today I will tell you such a name of Allah Ta'ala, which if you read on a small cotton and put it in your ear, then take rest, no matter how much pain it is.

 It is all Your pain will end, I am telling you this spiritual remedy, you can do this practice at any time there is no such special day or special reason  just you should be clean when you do it then the person for whom you should do it then it should be done in front of him.

Sit down or lie down and if you are doing this for yourself, you can do it at any time by sitting at any place, it is very important to be clean for this practice. I tell this, first of all you have to send Durood Pak on Huzur Sallallaho Alehi Wasallam thrice by placing cotton in front, you have to read Darood Ibrahimi. 

After reading hai Durood-e-Pak, then you have to read one time on cotton "ya samiyo", just read it once You have to read Darood Ibrahim once in a while your stipend will be over and take only as much piece of cotton as can be felt in the ear, if there is pain in both the ears, then after reading it in both the ears, you have to suffocate both the cotton thrice.


3 times durud sharif 

1 time  ''ya samiyo''

3 times  durud sharif

If you are doing it for someone else, put it in his ear or put it in your ear, if you have pain, then you take rest from your patient, do not make any ruckus, take rest, then the pain in your ears will end Inshallah.

How to make this dua-wazifa benefit you?

Your belief in Allah and His powers will play a major role in the removal of pain as Allah acts and operates mainly according to our guman (our perception of Allah and His capabilities). 

Impatience, fear and doubts block our duas

When we pray to Allah for pain relief with a doubtful mind and weak faith, our duas don't make much difference and that is why we pay more and more attention to physical remedies as the absolute realities. Medicines are tool and Allah It happens because we haven't figured out Allah and how His creation (medicines, treatments etc) works. 

Give thanks 

Thank Allah that He has not grown this pain to the point where it would make life hard for you. Allah could have increased this pain so much that you would not be able to even open this website's link and read this dua. Allah could stopped our heartbeat all together without any obvious physical problem. The point I am trying to make here is that we must start thanking Allah in a big way from today.

 Do this  practice continuously for a week. And you will get so much benefit, your problem will go away forever.

You have to do this practice with full faith and belief. You will be surprised that your every wish has started coming true. This is a very powerful and tried-and-tested practice, make it a minor part of your life.

So friends, whatever things we have told you, you will follow it and your problems will go away. If you are Worry about your problem ,so try this  powerfull wazifa .you get success 100%.

Your problem will go away, try this  , you will get benefit very soon .

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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