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Just one tasbeeh can make the star of fortune shine \\ life changing wazifa \\ live wazifa.

Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Friends, in today's post, we are going to tell you such a stipend. By which all your problems will end. You have to do this stipend by saying just two names. Do it and take advantage of it. 

There is no such person in today's world. Who doesn't have any problem. Trouble surrounds everyone. He tries his best to get out of trouble. But trouble does not leave him. When trouble comes, a person gets scared. All troubles can be removed only with the help of action. Today I have come up with the wazifa of removing problems for you, after doing which Insha Allah your troubles will be seen to end.

Wazifa is one such medicine. With which you can remove any problem. This medicine is needed by every household Because disease, obstruction, obstruction in business, obstruction in progress, evil eye, eclipse defect, ransom, lack of interest in reading and writing, lack of interest in work, not getting married, divorce Being, husband and wife quarrels, all these problems happen to every human being. Big troubles arise out of all these troubles. After which it becomes difficult for a person to live. The whole day passes in tension. Today we will tell you an action that will remove these problems.

In today's time, children pay a lot of attention to mobile and playing games. Do you want to implement for children's education. If your child does not feel like studying. In the name of studies, his head starts hurting. Due to which their studies have a great impact. 

His marks come less in the exam Or else he fails. This practice will help the children to have this sharp mind and focus on their studies. After doing this, your child will be busy in studies throughout the day.

It is very important to do human work. By keeping working, the mind of a person remains engaged. Some time it comes that a person has a lot of work. But he does not feel like doing work. In such a situation, he starts living in a lot of anger and irritability. If a person gets an evil eye. So he does not feel like doing work. For that he needs to do an amal  . 

If you are very upset, sorrows have surrounded you from all sides. That is, the trouble does not leave the chase of your house. If you want to do any work, then that work is not done. So today we will tell you two such words of action, by speaking which all your problems will end.

You have any purpose in the world. You want to do any work. You want my business to do well. You want all my troubles to end. You will speak only two words inshallah, these two words will end your problems and bad things will stop to happen. How do you have to read those two words. That is, how to speak. In what time you have to do this practice. 

We will tell you all these things in this post. You will understand it well. You have to read in such a way that'' ya Kadiru  yaNafiu.'' You can combine these two names with one hundred one . Must read once.

wazifa .

See in which way you have to read  first  Durood-e-Pak three times in the beginning, whatever Durood-e-Pak you remember. You can read that. , then you have to read '' ya qadiru ya nafiu'' 101 times '' like '' ya Kadiru ya Na Nafiyu ''happened once then ya Kadiru ya Nafiyu happened twice i.e. you have to read 101 times by combining both. You can read at any time, whatever time you get, do it at that time. Then you have to read the same Durud Sharif thrice after that which you read in the beginning.

If you want all the troubles to end, then you will definitely do this practice once. So you have to keep your motive in your heart. And keep it fixed in your heart and mind. Whether I am doing this or are doing it, may Allah Ta'ala make it successful Amen Allahumma Amen. 

Will definitely write Amen in the comment box, do you know when the Amen coming out of whose tongue will be accepted. And may your prayer be accepted. So will definitely write Amen. 

Now we know or what is the meaning of ya Kadiru ya Nafiu. 

ya Kadiru means. O Allah, you are the  capable to solve all the issues of my life. 

Meaning of ya  nafiu.  Ya Allah, you give me profit in my business, in wealth, in children, in my rizak, in health, give me profit. .

Ya Qadiru 

Allah is the All-Powerful who does what He wills, as He wills.  Allah has created the universe as a mirror to reflect His power.  He created the universe by Himself, without needing the help of anything, from nothing, with neither materials nor model.  He said “Be!” and it became.  If He wills, He can destroy everything and send all back to nothingness.  If a thing has not happened, it is not because He does not have the power to make it happen:  it is because He has not willed it.

Al-Qadir has infinite ability.  His capacity for causing things to happen, His powers of invention and creation, are conditioned by only one thing: His will.

It befits the good servant of Allah to look into the mirror of the universe.  See the billions of suns and galaxies within the immeasurable depths of the heavens above, defying mind and imagination!  We should also observe how, just as these galaxies swim in their allotted paths, innumerable creatures swim in a drop of water; how from two cells Allah creates a human being who becomes a microcosm containing all that exists; how He gives a tiny piece of bone in the ear the ability to hear and a piece of meat in the mouth the ability to speak.  Isn’t a believer going to prostrate in awe and respect?  Such recognition of the immensity of divine power is our greatest honor.

‘Abd al-Qadir is the one who is a witness to everything made by the Hand of the Power of Allah. The manifestation of Allah’s power is spoken of as “Allah’s hand.”  Nothing can stop that which is made by Allah’s hand.

Ya Nafiu 

The Creator of Good

Benefits: He who repeats this name 41 times at the beginning of every act, will be successful in all his good acts.

If you do this practice in this way, read with heart and mind then insha Allah you will definitely get success. 

This is a very powerful practice, you guys must try this practice. This is the very issue today. All the problems of you people will go away.

Your problem will go away, try this  , you will get benefit very soon .

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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