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As soon as the disease is recited this dua// the disease runs away from the person//powerful dua// dua to cure all disease//live wazifa.

Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Friends, today we are going to tell you a realization advancement wazifa for you people as mentioned by our Huzoor Sallallahu Alehi Wasallam. So that your every incurable disease will go away, every disease of yours will be cured, be it small or big disease, there is any kind of disease in your body. It will go away, you must read this post and take advantage of it.

If the patient is too worried about the disease he is endangered with. Even the doctors are unable to discover the cause and symptoms of the disease. No cure has been found for such illness.

We can say that the disease is still unknown and unable to be cured under medical science. There are many-a-times such conditions occur in life.

When you can’t discover the causes or the type of disease one is having. In these conditions ‘Har Bimari Ki Shifa Ka Wazifa‘ will be proved beneficial Insha ALLAH.

This wazifa is from Hadith and Insha ALLAH anyone on behalf of the patient or the patient himself who performs this wazifa will get a cure for such illness soon, Ameen.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. May complete Peace, Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon the Last Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) forever forever. InshaAllah, the amal and instructions described below can be used to cure and treat incurable medical disorders, sickness and diseases like:

1.Any incurable and deadly medical disorders

2.Any cancer and tumor’s



5.Infertility in men and woman

6.Brain, Heart, kidney, liver and lung disorders /sickness

7.Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s Disease and any Mental disorder



10.Tuberculosis (TB)


12.Malaria, Pneumonia, Typhoid and any viral deadly fever

13.Any spiritual disorder like – depression, blackmagic / sihir, demonic possesion and jinn..etc


Living a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy, exercising, avoiding junk will not only extend your life, rejuvenate your skin and hair but also improve your overall well-being. It will help you to feel better physically and mentally.

However, healthy habits are hard to develop and require changing of a mindset. But a strong willpower and target goal will help you to follow a healthy lifestyle. Most of us are suffering from certain health issues. The most common health issues are overweight, mood swings, diseases, low stamina, and dull appearance. Healthy living plays an important role in overcoming all of these issues.

Importance of Health and Wellness

Below points will help you to understand the importance of health and wellness in an individual’s life:

1. Weight Management: Regular exercises and healthy eating will help you to avoid excess weight gain. Being physically active is necessary to reach your weight loss targets, boost immunity system and increase your energy level.

You should do at least 150 minutes exercise every week to stay active and fit. Along with exercise, take a balanced or calorie managed diet. Right balance of carbs, fats and proteins boosts your energy level and keeps it going through your day.

2. Improve Mood: A healthy lifestyle will lead a relaxed mind and make you energetic throughout the day. Exercise and healthy eating also help you to improve your mood and boost your self-confidence. It will also help you to overcome your stress.

3. Prevent Diseases: Following a healthy lifestyle will help you to prevent certain diseases such as heart diseases, blood pressure, depression, body pain etc. Always start your day with a healthy breakfast. Regular exercise and balanced diet will not only increase your metabolic rate but also ultimately improved health condition.

4. Boost Energy:  An unhealthy eating will cause a lethargic feeling. On the other hand, a balanced healthy diet will give fuel to your body to run all functions. A healthy diet includes whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy product, fruits and vegetables. A good combination of exercise and balanced diet gives you a good sleep and help you start a fresh and energetic day.

5. Improves longevity: The other benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle in daily routine will give you longer life, healthier and younger skin, nourished hairs, and overall wellbeing.

Regular exercise and balanced diet is a key to healthy lifestyle and availing all above benefits. For a healthy body, start with a simple and short five-minute walk. Gradually increase it with daily 30 minutes.


Today we are going to tell the dua, that dua was told by his Huzur Sallallaho Alehi Wasallam, a small dua used to be recited by his Huzoor for Shifa from every disease, when any person was sick or went through the condition of illness and he again Sallallahu Alehi Wasallam would go to ask for any prayer to keep away from the disease, you dear Aka Salla Wale Wasallam used to tell this dua to that person and also used to read it himself, which today we are going to tell you people.

So my dear friends if There is any disease in your body, there is any problem, there is any kind of disease, be it the smallest disease, be it the biggest disease, be it incurable disease, be it any kind of disease, if you are troubled by the disease, then you can pray with this stipend. Read this, your problem will be over. 

 Some diseases are such that even a doctor cannot cure it and doctors say that the disease is incurable, but you should be careless, the treatment of every incurable disease is included in the Quran-e-Majeed Yes, you can get rid of your disease by just reading this small dua, you can also have this prayer yourself. And anyone else can read this dua to him and with the blessings of this dua, insha Allah, all the diseases of your body will end within a few days.

Method of implementation 

The way to implement this is that you have to first make wudu and you do not have to talk to anyone while performing, you can do this practice at any time, when you do it, you have First of all, take water in a glass as much as you can or patient, then first of all you have to read Durood-e-Pak three times whatever you remember, you can read that Durood-e-Pak, after that you have to read Surah Fatiha three times. After reading Surah Fatiha thrice then you have to read this Ayat Karima 101 times this Aayat Karima you see in this picture after you have to read surah fatiha 3 times  ,

then thrice  you have to read Durood-e-Pak which you had read in the beginning.







Just this will be completed by you people and after that you have to blow three times on this water and then suffocate this water in a Sunnah way Have to drink .

You will see that after drinking this water, that patient will benefit a lot, even if a normal person wants to do this stipend, then he can also do it. Illness will be protected from trouble, a very tried and powerful stipend, today we have told you people, you must follow it and try it, you will definitely benefit inshallah.

Your problem will go away, try this  , you will get benefit very soon .

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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