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These 10 things will indicate that your house is not going to be ruined//reasons of poverty//live wazifa.

Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Friends, today's post is about  biggest sign of poverty and trouble coming in the house, so you have to avoid them, protect yourself and you have to take care that you never repeat these habits in your life . Read this post carefully and take advantage of it.

Poverty is the state of not having enough material possessions or income for a person's basic needs. Poverty may include social, economic, and political elements. Absolute poverty is the complete lack of the means necessary to meet basic personal needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter. The floor at which absolute poverty is defined is always about the same, independent of the person's permanent location or era. On the other hand, relative poverty occurs when a person cannot meet a minimum level of living standards, compared to others in the same time and place. Therefore, the floor at which relative poverty is defined varies from one country to another, or from one society to another.

Today the problems which Muslims are facing are not concealed from a person with insight. It is as if poverty, bankruptcy, despicability and anxiety have become a distinguishing characteristic of the Muslims. The wise men of this Ummah are planning all kinds of cures for this devastating illness. However, sometimes the plan chosen is incorrect. As a result, instead of being a cure, it exacerbates the problem. Some plans are correct, but they are not practical nor are they within one’s reach. 

I have presented some cures here taken from the words of Allâh and His Messenger [PBUH]. Undoubtedly, these words are free of any of the above-mentioned defects. There is no chance of these cures being incorrect or harmful. Whether they are difficult or not, one can put them into practice and see for oneself. 

Effects of poverty on health, children & society.

Home is the absolute foundation through which we can tackle the effects of poverty on society and its vicious cycle. Home is the key to living a life of dignity and opportunity, free from exclusion, fear or neglect.

With your help, we have been able to demonstrate time and time again that the home is vital in helping families break the cycle of poverty for good. It gives families a stable foundation with a sense of dignity and pride. A home leads to improved:

Health  – the lack of windows or proper ventilation cause respiratory diseases, while the lack of proper toilets help the spread of diseases such as cholera or typhoid

Safety – from the rain, storms, earthquakes

Security – imagine not having a door in your home (tent or shelter); anything you own is at risk of theft.

Education opportunities – children who live in unsafe shelters have much lower school attendance and completion rates. Their homes often leak in various places, ruining school material and increasing their chance of becoming ill.

Employment opportunities – having a registered address is often essential to find work. A safe, decent home is also key to guarantee good health, which is key to keep a job and perform properly.

Signs of poverty and troubles coming in the house.

The intention of today's post is that why poverty and troubles come inside the house. In the house, there comes unrest and punishment also comes, punishment comes from Allah. Such a punishment comes from Allah that it is not seen. Such big landowners are sitting with outstretched hands, who are unable to even get anything to eat these days. Such big people have lost their money. Such big people are very much upset. There is money in the house to earn food, but why is it happening that poverty is coming in the house and problems are being faced. There is no luck left in the house. In this post, we will tell 10 such signs, which bring poverty and problems in the house, then see


1. First of all, no person should sleep upside down at night, sleeping upside down brings bad luck in the house, so the good luck of the house gets blown away, so one should not sleep upside down.

 2. The second thing also happens that as many people go out for a walk and stop to urinate on the way and they urinate under the tree, then it is a very dirty habit, it should not be done so that the punishment of Allah on us. And the troubles will keep coming.

3. Now the third thing Allah has created for both day and night for human beings. Day Allah has created for waking up and for work and night Allah has created for rest. But some people do that they keep sleeping all day. And wake up at night and many people start sweeping and cleaning in the evening or at night time. So this is a big sign of poverty coming in the house, avoid this habit

 4.and those who do in the morning If you keep sleeping late, then the angels of mercy do not bring daily Rizk to their house. You guys should avoid this thing, get up early in the morning and restrict the prayer for all the five times, get up early in the morning because the angels bring you livelihood. The angels of mercy come to your house and if you keep sleeping then you will get those angels in your house. If you will leave and you will not get a livelihood, then take special care of this thing.

5. The next thing here is that what many people do, be it a man or a woman, when those people wear clothes or wear pajamas, then first they wear them in the opposite or left leg, you do not have to wear any clothes with the left leg, you have to take care that Wear it on the right leg first and keep this thing yourself and avoid this thing .

6. We should never use broken utensils or any broken thing inside the house, by using broken items, there is mercy in the house, they fly away, then take care of that thing that is broken in the house. Do not use any material that is .

7. The  next thing is that in today's environment, many people are like this, they insult each other, try to humiliate each other, many people are such that jokes humiliate the person in front, so do not act like this. If Allah Taala gets angry with him, then friends, you have to understand this thing, you have to avoid all this .

8. The next thing is here that many people are such that they start laughing or joking in the cemetery or in any funeral, half the death is going and they go on talking to someone on the phone behind and that thing is important. he doesn't know where he is and laughs and jokes, then avoid this dirty habit and protect her because it is a big sign of troubles coming in the house and even today 

10. Now the last sign here is that when you eat food, you have to take care of this thing that you have to make small bites and then eat food, it is not that food has to be eaten quickly, big bites have to be taken like this. You don't have to eat and you have to eat the food with full enthusiasm. If you eat roti in a hurry or else, then it will be an insult to eat such food.

Friends, this is the biggest sign of poverty and trouble coming in the house, so you have to avoid them, protect yourself and you have to take care that you never repeat these habits in your life, always stay away from them and Allah will bless you again. Will continue to protect you from every evil from every evil thing, we have told you many very successful things, just you guys stay away from all this and follow them, then there will never be any problem in your life.

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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