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Take only three dates and see the latest implementation and all the troubles are over// wazifa to cure all disease related to body// Powerful Amal// live wazifa.

Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

Today's implementation is very interesting to us. Which is with reference to dates. Which stipend is to be done on dates. By doing this, your health will be very good. Whatever the disease, whatever the problem is in your body. It will end completely. You read this post carefully and take advantage of it.

Phoenix dactylifera, commonly known as date or date palm,is a flowering plant species in the palm family, Arecaceae, cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. The species is widely cultivated across Northern Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia, and is naturalized in many tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. P. dactylifera is the type species of genus Phoenix, which contains 12–19 species of wild date palms, and is the major source of commercial production.

Dates have been a staple food of the Middle East and the Indus Valley for thousands of years. There is archaeological evidence of date cultivation in Arabia from the 6th millennium BCE. The total annual world production of dates amounts to 8.5 million metric tons, countries of the Middle East and North Africa being the largest producers.


A fresh date seller in Cairo, 1955

Dry or soft dates are eaten out-of-hand, or may be pitted and stuffed with fillings such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, candied orange and lemon peel, tahini, marzipan or cream cheese. Pitted dates are also referred to as stoned dates. Partially dried pitted dates may be glazed with glucose syrup for use as a snack food. Dates can also be chopped and used in a range of sweet and savory dishes, from tajines (tagines) in Morocco to puddings, ka'ak (types of Arab cookies) and other dessert items.

 Date nut bread, a type of cake, is very popular in the United States, especially around holidays. Dates are also processed into cubes, paste called 'ajwa, spread, date syrup or "honey" called "dibs" or rub in Libya, powder (date sugar), vinegar or alcohol. Vinegar made from dates was a traditional product of the Middle East.Recent innovations include chocolate-covered dates and products such as sparkling date juice, used in some Islamic countries as a non-alcoholic version of champagne, for special occasions and religious times such as Ramadan. When Muslims break fast in the evening meal of Ramadan, it is traditional to eat a date first.

Reflecting the maritime trading heritage of Britain, imported chopped dates are added to, or form the main basis of a variety of traditional dessert recipes including sticky toffee pudding, Christmas pudding and date and walnut loaf. They are particularly available to eat whole at Christmas time. Dates are one of the ingredients of HP Sauce, a popular British condiment.

Dates can also be dehydrated, ground and mixed with grain to form a nutritious stockfeed.

In Southeast Spain (where a large date plantation exists including UNESCO-protected Palmeral of Elche) dates (usually pitted with fried almond) are served wrapped in bacon and shallow fried.

In Israel date syrup, termed silan, is used while cooking chicken and also for sweets and desserts, and as a honey substitute.

Dates are one of the ingredients of jallab, a Middle-Eastern fruit syrup.

In Pakistan, a viscous, thick syrup made from the ripe fruits is used as a coating for leather bags and pipes to prevent leaking.

Date forks

In the past, sticky dates were served using specialized small forks having two metal tines, called daddelgaffel in Scandinavia.Some designs were patented. These have generally been replaced by an inexpensive pale-colored knobbled plastic fork that resembles a date branch (example), which is traditionally included with numerous brands of prepackaged trays of dates (example), though this practice has declined in response to increased use of resealable packaging and calls for fewer single-use plastics.

Dates provide a wide range of essential nutrients, and are a very good source of dietary potassium. The sugar content of ripe dates is about 80%; the remainder consists of protein, fiber, and trace elements including boron, cobalt, copper, fluorine, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc. The glycemic index for three different varieties of dates are 35.5 (khalas), 49.7 (barhi), and 30.5 (bo ma'an).

The caffeic acid glycoside 3-O-caffeoylshikimic acid (also known as dactylifric acid) and its isomers, are enzymic browning substrates found in dates.

Health benefits

Diabetes .

Date palm fruits are one of the fruits reported to have good potential in diabetes treatment due to the presence of polyphenols exerting strong antioxidant activitie.

Benefits of Dates:

The high nutrient content of the fruit contributes to its highly beneficial properties. The need for a comprehensive fruit diet cannot be fulfilled without the inclusion of dates. In the below section we will be discussing the various benefits that dates can have on your health.

1. Dates are Highly Nutritious:

The nutrition data of dates are really off the charts. The fruits are packed with a lot of essential vitamins and other nutrients that can be extremely helpful to your overall health. Dates are also rich in fibre and carbs which without a doubt makes it one of the healthiest dry fruits. 

2. Aids Healthy Bowel Movements:

The fibre content in dates are extremely high, this can be highly beneficial to people who are suffering from health issues caused due to irregular bowel movements. In a study conducted to understand the effects dates have in preventing bowel and intestine related issues such as colorectal cancer, a group of 21 test subjects were made to eat around 7 dates every day and was observed to be having regular bowel movements and frequent stool production compared to another group who were not given dates. The study was conducted to see if the non-soluble fibre in dates can react with the microbiota in the intestines to reduce the chances of colon cancer. The results did not show any such significant increase in the reaction to the microbiota but showed a significant increase in the regularity of bowel movements along with the frequency of stool production.

It was also noticed that the concentration of Ammonia in the stool was also significantly reduced when dates were consumed regularly. Therefore, it can be conclusively said that the effect dates have on your overall diet and health is unparalleled and can aid you in having a better lifestyle with the help of regular consumption.

3. High Concentration of Antioxidants:

Antioxidants are basically compounds that inhibit the process of oxidation and thereby eliminates the dangerous free radicals which can cause a lot of harm to your cells. Oxidation can be very dangerous as it can be very harmful to the structural and genetic integrity of your cells.

Wazifa of dates for ill person.

 Friends are seen in today's environment. That people's health is not good at all. Many diseases all settle in their body. There is a lot of weakness. So many people are such that they become old at such an age. Old age means so much trouble comes inside the body at such a young age. Illness troubles come. That she cannot even think.

So friends, we have brought such a stipend for you to overcome this thing. So that your health will be completely healthy Which is the wazifa to eat dates which is a stipend to read on dates  Because of this your health will be very good, so friends start,

You can do this practice at any time. But the best time to do this practice is in the morning. If you do it in the morning, then it will be very beneficial for you. So friends, all you have to do is that you have to look at this practice and behold, you have to wake up in the morning and eat 3 dates. Morning time is much better And very best for execution.

 All you have to do is take three dates. And you have to keep three dates on your hand. And only you have to read the practice of three dates. What we are telling you. So friends, first of all you have to teach Durood-e-Pak in the beginning, whatever you remember Durood-e-Pak.

And then you have to read. Surah Fatiha You have to read Surah Fatiha. But how do you read Surah Fatiha. Listen to that, first you have to read Bismillahirrahmanir Rahim, then you will read Surah Fatiha. Then you will read Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim then you will read Surah Fatiha. In the same way you have to read Surah Fatiha 41 times i.e. every time before Surah Fatiha you have to read Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim. Then you have to read the same Durood-e-Pak once again which you read in the beginning. Your action will be completed and then you have to choke on the dates thrice And then after doing it, you have to eat all three dates.

You have to do this practice daily. And you will see that all the problems inside your body will go away. And you will soon become healthy. Which is a disease problem inside your body. With the blessings of these dates, she will be completely away from the blessings of this scholarship. If you do this daily, you will be healthy.

So friends, whatever things we have told you, you will follow it and your problems will go away. If you are worry about your problem, worry  about any problem related to body so , try  This  , you will get benefit very soon .

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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