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Face Noorani wazifa//wazifa for face beauty from Quraan// wazifa for nooor on face// live wazifa.

Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

 Friends, in today's post, we have brought a very special stipend for you people, so that you can make your face beautiful, many people have trouble with stains on someone's face. If there is a rash or there is any problem, then due to the blessings of this scholarship, noor will come on his face, you should read this post till the end and take advantage of it.

What is beauty?

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder or is it universal? Will majority of humans agree on what is a beautiful face? This question has been on the minds of artists, sculptors and philosophers for ages. Interestingly beauty can be represented by mathematical ratios and Leonardo da Vinci was the first one to elaborate on the different proportions of an attractive human form. It seems that an average face is a beautiful face but its not as common just because its average. There is a wide variation of facial structures in any given population but when you use a computer model to morph them up into a single image aka average image, its considered to be the most beautiful. This has been shown in many well designed studies across many cultures on earth.

Every woman has the right to enhance her beauty to make her hubby happy. Enhancing the beauty of the face is genuine. The moment she goes beyond this, the result is deformation. Artificiality is beauty bankruptcy. Effective Dua for Beauty on Face will take you on this beautiful journey of transforming yourself into an absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. But, for your hubby or a would be hubby.

The desire to become beautiful is older and stronger than the desire to be either humble or comfortable. The beauty of a woman is like a green garden. Frequently, the beautiful flowers in that lovely garden sing with honor. One catches the breath at the very first sight of it. 

I would recommend my sisters and brothers desperate to be beautiful that it is better to have an ugly face than an artificial one. ALLAH loves your soul and not your body. Beautify your soul first. Rest leave everything on this Islamic dua for ba eautiful face.

Wazifa for beauty  is only for those brothers and sisters who want to increase their beauty with the help of wazifa. It is also helpful for those brothers and sisters who have a skin problem. After getting treatment from various doctors and spa, they still have a skin problem, then this article will help you.

Do you have a skin and a beauty problem and now you are looking for the strong Wazifa for Beauty. After using our Wazifa, you’ll increase the face Noor and glow your skin and also whitening the skin.

We are 100% sure that if you will apply such a strong as well as the powerful Wazifa for Beauty. You will remove all your beauty problems as well as skin problems because this is a working/powerful wazifa.

Everyone wants a beautiful face if either he is a boy/man or she is a girl or a woman. All person wants to look beautiful in their life because if you have a beautiful face or other things. Then you look so charming in the eyes of everyone. And when you go outside, everyone loves you.

But there are also lots of people who have the beauty problems maybe they have pimples/acne in their face. They also have a skin problem and their skin is black with having lots of problems and also having other bad things.

So, they just hate themselves because of not having the beauty as well as other good things in their life. To become lovable in the eyes of everyone, you should take wazifa for noor.

You can improve beauty with the help of Wazifa for a clear face because Wazifa is our weapon. If we want to solve anything from our life then we can solve it with the help of the weapons. So if you want to solve your skin problem as well as your face problem/skin whitening. Then you can do this with the help of the strong and the working/powerful Wazifa for noor.

The contemporary culture exaggerates physical attractiveness and beauty standards, which often pushes young minds to struggle with self-worth and self-image. Undoubtedly, Islam is one religion that lays immense emphasis on beautifying not only the body but also the heart and soul.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to take good care of his hygiene and recommend people look after their hair and overall appearance.

Ibn Abbas said, “I love to beautify myself for my wife, in the same way, that I like to embellish myself for me, because Allah says: And they have rights equivalent to their duties, in accordance with propriety.” (Al-Mughni, 5, 220)

In this Hadith, it is evident that one must look after their appearance from time to time, given that the setting is lawful. For women, the Sunnah is using items like henna, musk, and kohl.

Although physical appearance is important to many, as Muslims, we must not forget that:

“Nothing is heavier on the believer’s Scale on the Day of Judgement than good character.” (Jami at-Tirmidhi, Book 27, Hadith 108)

Humans are naturally inclined towards all things beautiful: be it people or objects. However, we must not forget that this beauty wouldn’t be possible without Our Creator – The Supreme and Most Powerful. Thus, beauty should not be limited to physical attractiveness, but rather should also comprise character and deeds.

 You can achieve this by constantly steering towards the right direction and remembering that we are accountable to Allah (SWT). Instead of wasting our time on unnecessary matters, we should instead focus on the bigger purpose in life. Therefore, besides reciting dua for beauty and attraction, we must also pray to Almighty Allah to beautify our character and soul.

Powerful wazifa for noor on face.

Beautiful face which is a great blessing of Allah, but due to our food and pollution in normal life, it gets blemishes due to which the glow of the face ends, and each one of us is trying to get rid of these scars. For this and to get natural beauty, we do all kinds of efforts, let us tell you today its spiritual and physical treatment, which if you do then the face will be pure.

Friends, this is a wazifa for the beauty of the face, now you have to do this wazifa before sleeping, you have to lie down on your bed but before that you have to make wazu, after making wazu, you will start this practice first you have to read Durood-e-Pak 11 times, whatever Durood-e-Pak you remember, after that you have to read 10 times the  name of Allah Tabarak wa Tala, "Al Musawviru", you have to read this 10 times, after that you have to read the same Durood A Pak is to be read which you read 11 times in the beginning. You will have to do this practice every day, if you do this practice every night, then your face will become noorani, your face will shine with nine. 


11 times durud sharif

10   times ''AL  MUSAWVIRU''

11  times   durud sharif

This wazifa can be done by both men and women, if there is any problem on whose face there is a problem. There is a mark, there is a rash, there is any problem or there is a dark complexion, there is any problem related to the face, then you must try this stipend, your face glows day by day It is going to be a very powerful and tried-and-tested stipend, you should make it a minor part of your life.

Your problem will go away, try this  , you will get benefit very soon .

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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