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wazifa to make someone crazy with the gesture of the eyes\\ dua to make someone love you \\obey someone \\live wazifa

Every relationship lasts long only if there is a good understanding between the two of them. Each of them should be caring and listening to each other. You must value the opinion of your partner and listen to its ideology to understand them well. Your attention to your partner is crucial. You can never be in a healthy relationship if you are not putting your efforts in the right direction.For the effectiveness of this wazifa to make someone listen to you, you must have to go through and perform.

To make someone kind to you.

Do you love someone intensely and want to marry the person but aren’t able to convey both of your parents? Are your words taken for granted by your husband/wife, siblings or friend? Do you have some necessary advice on behalf of them but still they are not paying a single drop of attention towards your words and hence you are looking for a solution to this situation? If all these questions are seen to be the truth for your own life then without any doubt, you are absolutely in the right place. If you are seeking for a way of getting a blessing from Almighty Allah, then you should pray for the Dua to make someone obey you.

Suppose, Imagine yourself in a situation that you are leading a leadership position from your company and you have that power to make everyone listen to your words for the growth and prosperity of the company. Though you are the leader of your team, sometimes it’s really seen to be impossible to make everyone listen to your words properly. Is the case of this situation, you should enchant the Wazifa To Make Someone Do What You Want.

If you are going through this type of bitter situation or the seminar where you are devoted to polishing your trainee on behalf of your company where your words are really very important to them but still they are not paying that attention to your words, and you have nothing to do with them but to tolerate it then you should definitely pray for it to overcome this situation. If you really found the situation difficult and want to overcome it by a peaceful way, then you should pray for the Dua to make someone obey you to the Almighty to make your followers obey your words.

Now, if you come closer to the scenario of your family, you will observe that the balance of a family lies in the coordination among the members of the family. So, it’s really very important to have a strong mutual understanding between the persons of a residence.

If you observe that while asking something to other members of your family is overlooked almost for every time and as being a member if you observe that the mutual cooperation between the members of your family has almost turned into a layer of dust then you should definitely ask for the Surah for the situation to Almighty Allah by making Dua To Make Someone Agree To What You Want.

In the case of a large community where mutual cooperation and coordination becomes the most important and relevant key aspect, it’s become very necessary for one to obey their senior persons. If some starts to disobey the rituals, then it becomes to be harmful to the entire community. The same rules are applied to a family or a relationship.

If a member starts to disobey the mutual understanding and domestic laws and you are looking for a Strong Wazifa To Control Someone, then you should definitely look into the solution in the Quran. In Islam, there is nothing impossible if you get the blessing from Allah. If Allah accepts your prayers, praised by your Dua, then no power in this earth can turn you down.

If you are looking for a Dua to make someone obey you for the cause of a noble purpose, then you should definitely use the following steps to make your Dua reachable to Allah –

In which condition we use this wazifa .

Islamic Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You or to make your husband obey you can be use to make someone listen to you. You can use our wazifa to make someone do what you want for good result.

Marriage stands on the three major pillars. These three pillars are trust, love, and respect. Whereas, people perceive differently and have explained different components according to their relationship status.

Sometimes, people fail to realize how crucial these pillars can be. Moreover, people do not take care of these critical factors and leave their relationship in lousy condition.

Like all other relationship, marriage holds a significant influence in the life of every individual. Hence, it is necessary to keep the love preserved and make every bit of effort to strengthen the bond between a husband and a wife.

If you like your relationship is going in the wrong direction, you must go on finding the solution for that. One of the most crucial things is respect. Yes, it is one of the pillars that hold a relationship.

If you have found your partner not obeying you, then you must go on finding a solution that can fix that issue. We highly suggest that both of you try to make things clear by having a deep conversation. Unless you know where you lack to support your relationship, you can never make it better.

In case if things go beyond such reforms, you got to be careful as your relationship become more fragile. For that, we highly recommend you to go for the Islamic way of bringing changes. You can efficiently perform the most helpful Islamic wazifa to make someone obey you.

Wazifa to make obey someone.

Today, what I am going to tell you people, this practice is being told by very big ALAMAS, today we are going to tell you people, this practice is a spiritual practice, it will definitely benefit you. Will see this too, he will become crazy about you, love will arise for you in his heart, he will be kind to you, that person will accept everything you say, which seemed impossible work to you, now it will become very possible for you Whatever be the case, if he is not obeying then he will start obeying everything you say and you do not have to do this practice again and again, you have to do this practice when you need it, whenever you want to get someone to talk to you, then you do this practice.

The time of reading the practice .

There is no restriction on the time of reading the practice, you can do this practice at any time of the day, whenever you need this practice or else you need to do that. Have to talk to the person who is angry with you, is not listening to you, you can do this at that time, there is no restriction of time and day in it

Method of wazifa.

First of all, you people have to make Wuzu, you have to do this stipend in the condition of clean, now when you sit down to do this stipend, then you people first have to read Durood-e-Pak three times in the beginning, whatever Durood-e-Pak you remember After that you have to recite this dua 11 times this dua -  YA  ABDUL SHAIKH  SHAINLLAHI- after reading this dua then you have to read the same Durood-e-Pak thrice in the end which you read in the beginning.

your stipend will be complete after this stipend You have to blow three times on your hands, that is, you have to die, after that you have to turn your hands over your eyes and then you do not have to talk to anyone, you have to talk directly to the person for whom you have Have implemented 

 It is important to have the picture of that person in your heart and mind while doing the stipend, when you go to that person or talk to him after doing the stipend, then his heart will become soft for you, in his heart love will arise in you. She will be so kind to you that you can't even imagine.

So friends, whatever things we have told you, you will follow it and your problems will go away. If there will be happiness in your house, then friends must try it and wazifa it from today itself.

Your problem will go away, try this  , you will get benefit very soon .

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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