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Wazifa for getting married // early wazifa for getting good relationship// marriage// powerful wazifa// live wazifa.

Assalamualikum my dear friends, I am Azimushan malik and hope you all are fine.

In today's post, we have brought a stipend for you to get married early and have come up with a stipend to have a good relationship, nowadays many people do not have a relationship, they do not get married, their age passes, so friends, by this quote we will give you For this, you have brought this powerful stipend, read this post carefully and take advantage of it.

Do you want to marry your partner as well as with your beloved one as fast as possible? It is possible in Islam. If you believe in astrology then you should know that there is a strong wazifa for marriage in  with your partner. In this post, we will tell you about this wazifa.

This wazifa for marriage will help you to do the marriage fast and as soon as possible. This wazifa is helpful for those who are overage or into the age of marriage but not able to find a partner.

If we talk about what is marriage then, marriage means accepting the partner/beloved one in a legal way. In the Islam religion, marriage should be performed by the two-person i.e. Shohar as well as biwi.

Shohar is an Urdu word which means a husband and biwi is also an Urdu word which means a wife. Marriage doesn’t only mean that to accept the partner but also contribute your happiness and sadness along with your partner. It doesn’t matter that, you just have to do the physical relationship with your husband or wife.

You also have to share your feelings with your partner no matter you are a husband or a wife.

You both have equal rights as well as the responsibilities of your husband as well as the wife.

If you know everything about marriage and now you want to do the marriage fast as possible then don’t worry. Here at the Muslim Dua, Wazifa, we will provide you strong and powerful wazifa for marriage .

Marriage is made by the Almighty Allah in heaven and all these marriages are celebrated here in the earth. Almost, every human being on this earth likes to celebrate their marriage.

 In Islam, it’s a Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad and that’s why it’s a dream for every human being to get married.

Marriage should be performed by everyone but not every human being gets a true soul mate. For getting a true soul mate that will help both of you to live happily with each other. You have to take help from ya Allah wazifa for marriage.

With the help of this wazifa, you will get a true soulmate, and Inshallah, you both will live happily with each other. So, brothers and sisters, if you think it’s the right time for you to get married soon but your family, as well as your partner, is not able to marry you.

Marriage in Islam

Marriage “Nikah” in Islam is the union of a man and a woman. In Islam, Marriage is a religious 

duty, a moral safeguard and a social commitment. As religious duty that must be fulfilled; but like 

all other duties in Islam, it is enjoined only upon those who are capable of meeting the 

responsibilities involved. Marriage is traced to the creation of Adam and the creation of Hauwa as 

his companion. The Quran states: “And one of Allah’s signs is that He creates for you mates from 

yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and has ordained between you love and 

mercy.” “And Allah has made for you mates from yourselves and made for you out of them, 

children and grandchildren.” From this union of love, the husband and wife are supposed to live 

in peace, procreate and nurture children who will continue the human race and development of the 

society. The union of the man and his wife is traced to a common origin of equality because both 

are created from a single soul. The Quran states: It is He who created you from a single soul “Nafs”

and therefrom did he make his mate, that he might dwell in tranquility with her.” 

The Islamic marriage is based on the need to achieve and maintain tranquility in society. Thus the 

family, which comes into being, as a result of this marriage is the basic foundation of society. 

Although, marriage is strongly enjoined and celibacy is discouraged, those who are not ready to undertake this solemn covenant and the responsibilities attached to it should postpone it. Marriage 

is viewed “as a means of emotional and sexual gratification, as a mechanism of tension reduction, 

legitimate procreation and social placement; as an approach to interfamily alliance and group 

solidarity” Islamic marriage is also a social and religious institution. The Prophet is reportedly 

said; “He who marries completes half of his religion; it now rests with him to complete the other 

half by leading a virtuous life in constant fear of god”. “There is no mockery in Islam” “I keep fast 

and break it. I pray and I sleep and I am married so whoever inclines to any other way than my 

Sunnah, he is not of me”. “This is because marriage elevates the moral and spiritual standard of 

man. Nikah is my precept. Those who are unmarried, are the unworthy of the deed.”

Wazifa for marriage  and good rishta.

Our practice of today is very special,  it is seen nowadays that in many homes, girls and children are sitting, their relationships are not able to be done, someone's relationship does not last and no one's relationship comes and their age goes on. So that they have to face a lot of difficulties, they have to face many things, they have to face things from all over the world, it also happens to many people that some enemy casts a spell or ban on them. That no relationship goes in that house and it happens to many people that relationships come but no good relationship comes, good relationships do not come. 

So friends, today we have brought such a special wazifa for you guys. That all your troubles will go away, the one who is not getting married will get married and the one who is not having a relationship will have a good relationship Insha Allah. Today's implementation is first of all you people have to take a plain paper, the paper should be your A4 size, which will give you a picture of this.

It is visible in the picture and if you want, you can take half of the A4 size paper as big as we have shown you in the second picture, 

now you have to write on this paper two very lovely name  of Allah Tabarak wa Tala, wishing you luck, now you have to write It is this ''ya hayyu  ya qayyum ''it is Allah Tabarak to tell that two very beautiful names, you people have to write on that paper in Arabic, we have shown you in this picture, 

you can see both names and write in Arabic now you are the only one. How to write these names, friends, you have to write these two names on this paper 41 times, if 41 times does not come forward on the paper, then you can also write backwards and when you write it 41 times, then you All that has to be done is to fold this paper well, in a way it has to be made to the size of the taweez so that it becomes small while folding and then you have to put it in a black cloth, now when you put it in a black cloth If you keep it, then you have to take it as a talisman, like we wear an amulet around the neck, in this way it has to be made, this amulet will be ready as yours.

How to use it if it is a girl how will she use it and if it is a boy how will she use it ?

First of all if a girl is making this then she should wear it around her neck and insha Allah there are some things to wear around the neck After days, you will see that a noble relationship will come to your house, this will remove your problems, you just have to do it with full faith, there is no doubt in your heart, if you do it with full faith then you will definitely achieve success Will do.

If a boy is doing this, that boy will tie this amulet in his right arm and tie it till his relationship is fixed.

You have to take care of this thing that this amulet It is not opened until you feel that yes your marriage is fixed and you are going to get married, do not open it, you should always keep it tied around your neck, it will only benefit you and you have done this tabeez well. It is to be made so that it does not burst .

And in this practice there is a condition which is very important and that condition is that when you write ''ya Hayyu ya Qayyum '' in Arabic which '' ya kayyum'' is the name of Allah, when you make a'' meem'' in it, then you should make the ''meme's shape  thick, there should be a gap inside it, like we are showing you in this picture,

 in this way you have to make a meme.

And you are like this. Amal can do this stipend any time any day, there is no restriction of time or day, just you are in the condition of rest, you are not impure and insha Allah this amulet will benefit you a lot in your marriage relationship problems It will go away, you must try it, many people need it, then you must do this practice.

Your problem will go away, try this  , you will get benefit very soon .

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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