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Dushman se hifazat ka wazifa\\ kale jadu se mehfuz rehne ka wazifa\\powefull wazifa\\live wazifa.

Allah is the most kind and most merciful.

He wishes for us Muslims an easy life:

“Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship and [wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and perhaps you will be grateful. (Quran 2:185)”

Allah has revealed many Duas you can recite that aims to provide comfort and protection for all kinds of situations. Protection from evil, shirk, the enemy, and to keep your family and children safe.It is important to note though, Islam is not a religion based on miracles, rather it encourages us to take appropriate measures and to work hard at it. We also must put full faith and trust in Allah because without his will nothing can happen. It is a balance.

“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (Surah Ar-Ra’d 13:11).

Life can be difficult when there are people with evil intentions around. Have you been feeling unsafe and insecure because you have enemies on the loose who are constantly trying to bring you down? Every person has such people in their life and wants to get rid of them. If you have such people in your life who are always looking for ways to hurt you and bring you down then reading the dua for protection from the enemy will be helpful. It will protect you against their harmful plans and give you the strength to face the tough times.

Dua to protect from enemy .

If you are worried that someone is trying to bring you down and planning evil things against you at work then you should start reading the dua for the enemy. It will help you toasty safe and vigilant and with the help of the protection of Allah, you can also protect yourself. This is the best way to stay safe from hidden opponents and protect you from them.

These people are very selfish and can go to any length to hurt you. If they are trying to hurt your children and family then you should seek the immediate help of the dua for enemies and get them demolished from your life. This powerful dua for protection from the enemy will help you protect yourself and your family against the evils that are in your life. They may also try to hurt you with the use of black magic and might want to control you through that. If you doubt or are witnessing the signs of black magic, you should start reading the dua for protection from the enemy. It will always shield you against the dark and negative forces that are trying to harm you.

Allah never wishes for any person to think that they have the right to harm anyone. A person who tries to harm any other person is always the enemy. Allah does not see such people who try to ruin others’ happiness. If you are a person who is being harmed by your enemy, you have all the right to ask Allah’s help. You can do this with the help of the dua to protect from the enemy.

If you want to protect yourself and your business, you should read the dua to protect the enemy. In most cases, people find their enemies in the field of work. The competitors who try everything to win are the actual enemies. Allah has said that everyone should follow some ethics in life. Some people do not understand the saying of Allah. They try everything in their power to ruin others’ business. This is where the dua to protect yourself from your enemy plays an important role. Whatever bad things your enemy does to harm you, gets reversed. The enemy gets harmed and is taught a lesson.

Dushman se hifazat ka wazifa.

Aapko jo Ham wazifa batane ja Rahe Hain wazifa Dushman se hifazat ka wazifa hai agar aap is wazife ko padh lete ho to Dushman aapke Kareeb bhi nahin aaega. Dushman Shaitan kala jadu yah sab aapke Kareeb bhi nahin aaega Shaitan aapke ghar mein bhatkega bhi nahin hai agar aap is wazife  ko padhte Hain To Ya wazifa Do aayatan ka wazifa hi bahut hi aasan sa wazifa Hai is wazifa ko karne se jindagi bhar Ke liye aapki pareshani HAL ho jayegi


Hadees Mein yah aata hai ki jis ghar mein bhi Surah Bakra  ki aakhri 2 aayat  Ki tilawat ki jaaye to use Ghar Ke aaspaas Shaitan bhatakta nahin hai agar  3 din tak Surah baqra ki akhri do aayat  padhi jaaye to Shaitan Hamesha ke liye use Ghar Se dur ho jaega aur huzoor sallallahu alaihi vasllam Ne Irshad farmaya ki Allah tala Ne Aasman Aur zameen banane se pahle 2000 sal pahle Ek kitab likhi aur us kitab mein se Surah baqra ki akhri 2 ayat Nazil ki .

Wazifa padhne ka tarika.

Jis ghar mein Surah baqra ki akhri do aayaten padhi jaati Hai use Ghar Ke aaspaas Shaitan Nahin ata hai agar aap chahte Hain ki aap ki Dushman se hifazat Rahe Shaitan se hifazat Rahe Jadu tona se sabse Aap Ki hifazat Rahe to aapko chahie ki aap 3 Din lagatar Surah Bakra ki do aakhri aayat ka vird Karen aap in do aayato ko kitni bhi dafa padh sakte hain aap ko pure yakin aur Vishwas ke sath padhna hai aap chahe to 11 bar padhne 21 bar padh le ja 101 bar padh le jitna aap ka man Ho utani bar padhne to yakin aur Vishwas ke sath 3 Din lagatar Aap Surah Bakra Ki Aakhir ki do aayato ka vird lagatar Karen Allah Shaitan Jadu tona Dushman sabse Aap Ki hifazat rahegi Hamesha ke ly .

The problem of having an enemy in your life is a big issue. To resolve this issue, you should read the dua to protect yourself from the enemy. This dua provides comfort and protection for all kinds of enemies’ harmful intentions. This dua helps people in having a stress-free and peaceful life.

we hope you guys have understood everything very well, if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. .


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