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Have you ever talk with the almighty Allah like he is seeing you and he is standing in front of you? We think No because we human beings always busy with our work. And we don’t have that time to please our Almighty Allah by offering Salah, doing good things, speak nicely with younger and elder.

So, if you will offer prayer in time then almighty Allah will help you and solve all your problems. If you are not achieving anything and you are facing any type of issue whether a hard issue or a small issue. Then as fast as possible, the almighty Allah will bless you and provide you everything in this world as well as in Akhirah. Perform the below wazifa for hajat after Fajr in the below-mentioned steps or points.

The Procedure of Wazifa is:

You have to perform that wazifa for hajat in one night step by step. And all those steps are shown below:

You have to perform this wazifa after offering Fajr Salaah with a clean heart, mind, clothes, etc.

Chant bismillahirrahmanirrahim 2100 times and after that, recite Surah Kousar 129 times.

After that, again chant Ya Aleemuu 300 times and then make a dua along with your wish.

If you will perform this, then after a few days you will hear a piece of good news and Inshallah the almighty Allah will help you.

Ye  wazifa aap har masle ko hal karne ke ly padh skte hai apki zindagi me koi bhi pareshani ho hal hojaegi yeh wazifa apko fajr  ke bad karna hai iske bad fir aapko Allah tala Se gid gida  kar ro ro kar Apne maqsad Ke liye dua karne hain 

Inshallah aapko jarur kamyabi milegi aapki  sari pareshaniyan dur Ho jaenge Aap Ki zindagi Mein Khushi a jayegi aap kahan masla hal ho jaega pareshani aapke zindagi Se dur Ho jaenge aap is vajifa ko jarur aazma kar dekho khaega is wazifa ko aap apni jindagi Ka mamul banaa lijiye Inshallah aapki jindagi Mein Hamesha ke liye khushiyan hi khushiyan rahenge.

We hope that you have understood all our today's things very well, if you people have any doubt or any question, then you will definitely ask in the comment and definitely like and share this post of ours.


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