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Wazifa For Noor On Face\\Chehere ki khubsurti ka wazifa\\powerfull wazifa \\live wazifa

Working on your body and face is important. If you don’t take proper care of your face, then it will age faster than it should. However, apart from taking care of your face and using the best skin products on it, you should also recite khubsurti k liye wazifa noor on the face. 

The wazifa will help you get a glowing, fairer and attractive face. It will help you in removing all the scars, marks, and acne marks from your face, thereby giving you a flawless skin

If you think that your skin is too rough or very oily and you don’t have the glow which other girls of your age have, then you should practice wazifa for noor on face. The wazifa will make your face beautiful and graceful. It will help you in getting the perfect skin texture that you desire. It will brighten your complexion and help you more elegant and smart.

Wazifa For Noor On Face is given below:

Recite the ayat given below and then blow on your face. Insha Allah, your face will turn as beautiful and white as the moon.

“Wa Ammal Ladheenab Yazzat Wuju Huhum Fafi Rahmatil Laahi Hum Feeha Khalidoon”

Recite this dua 100 times and then pray to Allah Talah to bless you with good and fair skin and a beautiful face. Very soon you will get what you desire. Have faith in Allah Talah and wazifa for noor on face and you will truly get it. Don’t be ashamed of your skin and body. Allah Talah has made everyone beautiful in their own way. Have confidence and live your life on the path of Islam. Surely, everything will be better for you very soon and your face will get better with time.

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