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Har hajat ke lye wazifa\\Wazifa to fulfill every wish\\powerfull wazifa\\live wazifa

In your daily life, you work very hard to fulfill all your desires and wants in life. But, sometimes even with hardcore efforts, you don’t get what you desire. Sometimes your desires remain unfulfilled and you blame your destiny for it. But, think again! Have you asked and pleaded in front of the Almighty for your desires? Did you ask your Rab to bless you with your hajat? It is very important to recite the powerful wazifa for any hajat to get it fulfilled as soon as possible.

Wazifa to fulfill every wish

When you practice powerful wazifa for any hajat, Allah Talah will bless you with it very soon. Man doesn’t realize the effect of dua and wazifa in life. Remember, dua can make the impossible possible and wazifa is the source to tell Allah Talah that you are really in need of something. Surely, Allah knows all. Powerful wazifa for any hajat will help you fulfill all your halal desires very soon.

The procedure for wazifa for hajat ;

Recite the wazifa after the obligatory prayer of the morning or noon.

Recite “Bismillah Hir Rehmanir Raheem” 2100 times.

Recite Surah Kausar 129 times.

Recite “Ya Aleemo” 300 times.

Then pray to Allah talah for your hajat and plead the Almighty to bless you with it.

Insha Allah, you will get the good news in some days.

Wazifa for hajat  gives phenomenal results. It helps you get anything you desire. However, it should be recited with pure intentions and a clear heart. Indeed, Allah Talah sees your intents. Surely, you will get all you desire with the help of this dua. 

Whether it is about your marriage, job, business or tour-travel, all your desires and wishes will get fulfilled in no time and things will be amazing for you in the coming days. So, go ahead and start reciting it today

However, Allah put many cures in Qurani surah and dua. Quranic dua for the cardiac disease can help a person to be protected for the dangerous disease of the cardiac and make a person healthy.

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