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wazifa for marriage//jald shadi hone ka wazifa //powerful Wazifa//live Wazifa

Wazifa For Marriage

If you think that you have found a suitable match or you like someone but that person is not interested in marrying you, then the wazifa can be recited accordingly. Just keep the person in your mind while reciting the wazifa and soon you will be married to that particular person. Make sure you practice the wazifa with pure intent and clarity in your heart. When you recite it with firm faith and dedication, Allah Talah will definitely bestow you with everything which is right for you.

How to perform this wazifa 

Firstly take some sugar in a bowl.

After that read Surah Fatiha 14 times.

Then recite Surah Kausar 5 times.

After that read Surah Falak 18 times.

Then recite this dua-“Allaahumma Innaa” for 95 times.

Make dua to Allah Talah for your marriage and blow on the sugar.

Give the sugar to the ants and birds to eat.

Insha Allah, within this time period you will get a compatible proposal for you and soon you will be married.   

Perform this for 21 days.

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