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Dua for happiness in life // khush rehne ki dua//dua for peace //powerful dua//live Wazifa

Wazifa For Peace And Happiness In Home, Living a peaceful and happy life is what you dream for. Above all, you want prosperity for all in the home. To have peace and happiness in your home in the first place is what you aim for.


اللهم اجعل السعادة تغمرناتنسيناما أبكانا، وما أخرتنا

Allahummaj alissa adata tagmuruna tunsina ma abkana wama ahzanana 

Meaning - O Allah, allow happiness to surround us, making us forget what made us cry and what made us sad.

.In the meanwhile pray Allah for peace and prosperity

.Recite this for 3 times a day

. Regularly recite the dua for 21 days or recite the dua for life time .

Soon results would be on your side. Keep your faith intact in the process.

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