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Har Pareshani ka Hal//wazifa to solve everything//wazifa for ever hajat//live Wazifa

In your daily life, you work very hard to fulfill all your desires and wants in life. But, sometimes even with hardcore efforts, you don’t get what you desire. Sometimes your desires remain unfulfilled and you blame your destiny for it. 

But, think again! Have you asked and pleaded in front of the Almighty for your desires? Did you ask your Rab to bless you with your hajat? It is very important to recite the powerful wazifa for any hajat to get it fulfilled as soon as possible.

Wazifa to Solve Every Issue of Life

Har namaz ke bad Ayat-ul-Kursi ka wird kiya karein. Bad namaz maghrib Surah Al-Waqi'a. rozana 

padha kare

Insha ALLAH tamam masail hal ho jayenge.rozana parha kare. 

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