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Importance and benefits of Taraweeh//Taraweeh in Ramadan//live Wazifa

Taraweeh prayer is an obligatory Sunnah for all Muslims in Ramadan. According to hadith, Holy Prophet PBUH prayed one night in Mosque and several people followed Him in the mosque. Then He (SAW) prayed next night in mosque again and more people followed Him. 

Then the people gathered again in mosque on third and fourth night but Holy Prophet (SAW) did not come and the very next morning, He (SAW) said: “I saw what you did, and nothing kept me from coming out to you except the fact that I feared that it would be made obligatory for you” (Al-Bukhari). From this hadith, we concluded that Taraweeh prayer is the prescribed Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


Taraweeh prayer is not only the source of reward by Allah Almighty but also has many spiritual and physical benefits which are discussed below:

This special prayer improves physical and emotional health. The gentle up and down movements, including Sajdah and Ruku, performed while praying improves physical and emotional health as well as enhances the endurance of the person praying. It has been reported that people who fast the whole day and then perform Taraweeh prayers at night feel more prosperous.

Taraweeh restores Muscle strength in aged persons. As people get older, their physical exercise decreases, which results in thinning of their bones. The repeated movements during Taraweeh prayers improve the joint flexibility, muscle strength, and tendon power. So, Taraweeh prayers improve stamina, self-confidence, and self-respect of the elderly people in being self-sustaining.

Another advantage of Taraweeh is to encourage visiting the mosque most for offering this special prayer more often in the congregation.

Taraweeh prayer gets all Muslims together from different walks of life at one place.

Taraweeh prayer also brings unity among Muslims all over the world.

Practicing the act of offering this special prayer for the entire month of Ramadan strengthens Muslims faith and encourages Muslims to do what pleases Allah Almighty and what makes Him happy.

As regular movements during the Taraweeh are a form of exercise, they help burn down calories.

A balanced meal at Sahoor and Iftar followed by Taraweeh prayers can help a person reduce weight.

In short, every Muslim must try offering Taraweeh regularly and not take it casually during Ramadan. May Allah Almighty give us the strength to offer this special prayer (Taraweeh) in this Holy month of Ramadan regularly! Ameen

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