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Dua For All Illness Cures

The best dua for all illness cures is given below, do it as directed for accurate results –

Below here are the ayats which you need to recite. They will wipe out all the possibilities of any and every disease from your body and Insha Allah; you will be hale and hearty in just a few days.

You have to write these best duas for all illness cures on bone china utensil and give them water in it to drink to the patient.

1. Wa Yashfi Sudoora Qawmin Mumineena

2. Wa Shiafun Limaa Fee As Sudoori

3. Feehi Shifaun Lin Naas

4. Ma Huwa Shifaun Wa Rahmatun Lil Mumineen

5. Wa Idha Maridtu Fatuh Yashfeeni

6. Qul Huwa Lil Ladheena Amaoo Hudan Wa Shifaun.

You can write it with saffron and itr.

You have to do this amal daily till the person is completely cured.

Insha Allah, the patient will be cured in a few days.

Har Bimari Ki Shifa Ka Amal

When you fail to find out what illness or disease has struck your body, you literally live a very miserable life. If you’re really looking forward to fighting it and get out of it, and doctors are of no help to you then do the har bimari ki shifa ka amal and Insha Allah, you will see that things will change for your betterment and you will start recovering

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