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What is poverty//signs of poverty//ghar me garibi ane ki nishaniyan//live wazifa

 Today in this post we are going to tell you very important things, by following which you will never have to face problems in life, nor will you have to face poverty.

What is poverty ?

 It’s probably an image of a person who doesn’t have enough (good) food to eat, lives in a shabby home—or no home at all. And they probably can’t afford to buy the goods and services you normally take for granted. You’re not wrong, but the complexity of poverty may surprise you.

Poverty is not just about money, but also includes issues of access to services such as health care and education, marginalization and exclusion. 

Causes of poverty coming in house.

We will tell you such reasons for poverty coming in the house from which you can recognize that poverty can come in the house. 

1.The first reason is that keeping hair for more than 40 days, some people are such that they do not get their hair cut, those who keep their hair for more than 40 days, then such people suffer and poverty comes in the house, this is a lot. The big reason is that poverty comes in the house, so we people should get the hair cut before 40 days and stay clean.

2.The second reason is that there are some people who get angry when guests come to the house, they are angry when guests come to their house, if they do not treat the guests well, then such people have to face poverty.

3.The third reason is that spending more than one's income, as if a person's income is ₹ 10 and he is spending ₹ 100, by borrowing from someone, there are more signs of poverty in his house .

4. the fourth reason is that from relatives Misbehavior If guests come to someone's house or if the relatives who are in the neighborhood do not treat them well, then there are more chances of poverty coming in his house too.

5.The fifth reason is that keeping broken items in the house, keeping broken utensils and eating food or drinking water in them, if we use broken utensils in the house, then poverty will come in our house .

6. the sixth reason is that if we sleep upside down If we sleep in reverse, then thousands of diseases come in our body, which then costs us a lot and it is a sign of poverty coming in our house. 

7.The seventh reason is that urinating under the tree is such that some people urinate under the tree, then it is a sign of poverty in a house .

8.the eighth reason is that it is the time of early morning to sleep when the sun rises in the morning. It is the time to earn livelihood, at that time angels bring livelihood and those who keep sleeping in the morning, poverty comes in their house because they are unaware of this.

9. 9th sign is that wearing tattered clothes some people are so stingy that even though they have good clothes, they wear torn old clothes, then this is a reason for poverty .

10.the tenth reason is that women have high hair Tie some women and girls are such that they tie their hair high as if they tie a high tie, they make a high braid, this is the reason for poverty in the house .

 11th sign is that eating food in the dark, eating food in the dark is this devil and this work brings poverty at home.

The 12th sign is that sweeping the house at night, sweeping the house at night, this is a big reason for poverty. 

the 13th sign is that any candle or lamp that we light should not be extinguished by blowing us or The candle should not be extinguished, by doing this poverty comes in the house.

 14. the 14th thing is that the person who swears falsely on the matter, poverty comes early in his house, everyone knows that the person in front of him is a liar. But if he still swears by Allah on small things, then poverty comes in the house of such people.

15th sign is that laughing in cemetery and crematorium itself is a lonely place and a sad place and if a person laughs in such a place, it is a sign of poverty coming in his house.

 16th sign is that the heart is in the mind. Bringing bad thoughts Bad thoughts bring poverty in the house.

The 17th sign is that we should not eat food without washing hands, in such a way that diseases come and disease costs us money and due to this poverty comes in our house and all this work is done by the devil. We should avoid all this.

The 18th sign is that disobeying the parents, not obeying the parents, those who do not obey their parents, they are never happy in life and can never get wealth in their house.

 The 19th sign is to keep a spider's web in the house, if we do not clean the house, then the spider's web remains in the house and the poverty that comes in the house due to the spider's web.

The 20th sign is that eating food without thanking Allah, our Lord, who gives us food, we do not thank Him, so whatever Allah gives us, he snatches it, then we owe Allah in any case. Should be thankful.

Today we have told you a lot about poverty in this post that what is poverty, what are the signs of poverty coming and what are the things we have to face after coming to poverty, then you should take special care of all these things.

And be happy in your life. We hope that you have understood all our today's things very well, if you people have any doubt or any question, then you will definitely ask in the comment and definitely like and share this post of ours.

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