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  Dua For Peace Of Mind And Heart

Peace is essential for a person. Be a man, a woman, a girl, a boy, rich, poor, boss, employee; even child needs restfulness of mind. Everything in the world can’t be perfect for us.

Therefore such things give rise to an also adds up, to the disturbance we feel. Furthermore, it keeps us from working with our best capacity and potential thus affecting our productivity. Here is a beautiful dua for peace of mind and heart. Use this and acquire staggering outcomes:

‘Yulad wa lam kul la elaahi makhadum zubaid sirtal lam ya waqeel suban-el-qabeet walle ahad shahazir walam qudam mukul batum khojema rukaiya mada-al-rasheef.’

The dua translates something like this, Hey merciful! Hey, the great Allah! I am your minion; you are my divine being. Please grant me tranquility in my mind and my heart. I make my devotions to you, and I have full faith in you. Accord me with peace.

You have to chant this dua each time you drink water. Water calms your body, your mind and acts as a catalyst in any tranquility need. When we chant this dua while drinking water, its effectiveness increases 12 times. You can also type this dua for sukoon in life, get it printed in bold and paste the paper in front of the place where you go to drink the water.

This dua for peace of mind and heart has served to very useful. Consequently, it calms almost every and any chaos in your life.

Jazakallah khair 

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