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wazifa for headache\\sar dard khatam karne ka wazifa\\live wazifa\\Azimushaan malik


Sar ka dard door karne ka wazifa

 1. For migraine, recite ‘Surah Al-Ikhlas’ once (with Salat once before and after) and make Dam (blow); it can be acted upon 3 times, 7 times or 11 times in the same way as per need. اِنْ شَآءَاللہ, one will get relief from migraine even before the completion of its recitation 11 times.

2. Recite ‘Surah An-Naas’ 7 times (with Salat once before and after) and make Dam on the head of the person suffering from headache; then ask him if he feels better. If he still suffers from it, make Dam again in the same way; if he still suffers, repeat this for the third time. Regardless of the severity of the pain of the whole head or half head, it will be relieved before the Dam is made for the third time, اِنْ شَآءَاللہ(Faizan-e-Sunnat, vol. 1, pp. 70, 71)

3. لَّا یُصَدَّعُوْنَ عَنْهَا وَ لَا یُنْزِفُوْنَۙ(۱۹)Translation from Kanz-ul-Iman: It will not cause headache, nor shall it affect their soberness (by causing intoxication). (Part 27, Surah Al-Waaqi’ah, Ayah 19) Recite this Ayah 3 times (with Salat once before and after) and blow on the head of the person suffering from headache. It will prove very useful, اِنْ شَآءَاللہ(Gharaylu ‘Ilaj, pp. 49)

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