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Dua to cure black magic \\kale jadu se hifazat ki dua\\live wazifa

Kala Jadoo or Black Magic is the greatest sin in Islam. At the same time, it exists. It is the very reality of our world. Even our beloved prophet fell victim to it. Therefore, stay on the Islamic path always. As if not much, no such evil force will ever touch you.

Islamic living ensures the safeguard of your being. Black magic can happen in any way. It is like that evil that feeds on our weaknesses. But, if you are internally strengthened, then there is no harm awaiting you. Also, strengthen your faith in Allah as no evil can pierce the heart where Allah resides.

Now, in the Quran, there is an answer to every question. So, is the solution to the Black magic problem. Also, the one who recites the Quran stands guarded. What if you still come under the influence of the Black magic.

Then indeed, there are many Quranic duas that you can read. And honestly, while growing up, we are made to learn them. Therefore, they are always at your rescue. At the same time, here is where the importance of Namaz lies. It will not let the black magic harm you further.

Procedure of the Kala Jadoo Ka Tor Quran Se

Without a doubt, the Quran is our ultimate solution. Thus, there lies the answers to all our worldly problems. And, for Black magic to there is a solution or Tor. For this, you need to know the Ayatal Kursi and all the four Kuls. Inshallah, this is enough to break the Black Magic.

The Prophet () used to seek Refuge with Allah for Al-Hasan and Al-Husain and say: "Your forefather (i.e. Abraham) used to seek Refuge with Allah for Ishmael and Isaac by reciting the following: 'O Allah! I seek Refuge with Your Perfect Words from every devil and from poisonous pests and from every evil, harmful, envious eye.""

[Sahih al-Bukhari 3371]


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