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 Taraweeh Salat Tasbih

Subhanal Malikil Quddus;

Subhana dhil Mulki wal Malakuti;

Subhana dhil izzati wal aDhmati wal haybati wal Qudrati;

wal kibriyaa’i wal jabaroot;

Subhanal Malikil hayyil ladhi, la yunaamu wa layamutu;

Subbuhun, Quddusun, Rabbuna Rabbul malaa’ikati war-rooh;

Allahumma Ajirnee Minan Naar;

Ya Mujeero, Ya Mujeero, Ya Mujeer.

Tarawih salaah is SUNNAT MU-AKKADAH for both men and women.

To perform Tarawih with jama'ah is sunnat-kifayah for men.

If a person performs Tarawih at home whilst Tarawih is being performed at the Masjid, he will not be sinful. However, if all the neighbours perform their Tarawih alone at home, then all will be sinful because of neglecting the jama'ah.

The time for Tarawih is from after Isha salaah to a little before Subhus-Sadiq. It can be performed either before or after the Witr salaah.

If one has missed a few rak'ah of Tarawih and the Imam has commenced the Witr, then this Muqtadi may join for the Witr and complete the remainder of his Tarawih thereafter.

20 raka'at with 10 Salaam are masnun, one should have a niyyah for 2 raka'at of Tarawih each time. After every 4 raka'at it is Mustahab to sit a while and read the above dua.

One may remain silent or recite the Qur'an or tasbih in a low voice or say Nafl salaah separately during the period of rest after every 4 raka'at.

It is makruh to perform Tarawih sitting if one has the strength of qiyam (standing). 

While performing Tarawih some people do not join the Jama'ah from the beginning but join the Imam when he prepares to go into Ruku'. This is makruh. They should join at the beginning.

If one does not get the Jamaa'ah for Fardh of Eisha, he should perform his Fardh alone and then join the Jamaa'ah for Tarawih.

Jazakallah khair  

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